Monoqool 3D Printed Glasses


Studio Optyx, a luxury design house of boutique and technical eyewear based in St. Louis, Mo. recently released a video to coincide with its new collection of Monoqool frames, the IQ series. Accompanying the frames' smart design is the eye-opening process of how they are made—3D printing.

As previously visited by VM Video (What Could Be 3D Printing's Future in Optical?) 3D printing technologies are beginning to make their way into eyewear and sunwear manufacturing and ECPs and optical retailers should understand what this new process could mean for the future.

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is moving into the consumer realm with companies like MakerBot making it possible for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike to design and print their own specs with downloadable instructions for eyeglasses and other objects which can be produced using its printers.

The "Monoqool 3D Printed Glasses" video is an almost space-age look into the future, showing the IQ Series in the making. More music video than tutorial, the minute-and-a-half long short makes us think these frames might be manufactured on the moon.

"Moncool 3D Printed Glasses" was filmed by Philina Essex with music by Lee Art. For more information, go to