Dynamic Labs' ProGrip Combines Blocking Pad and Anti-slip Disc Technology


ProGrip Combo Pad
Top Line: Dynamic Labs’ new ProGrip Combo Pad combines a blocking pad and anti-slip disc technology into a single product. The ProGrip combo pad makes edging super slick hydrophobic lenses easier, faster, safer and more economical than ever before.
Close Up: Dynamic Labs has taken the durability of its ProEdge blocking pad line and combined it with the superior adhesion of its DynaGrip antislip discs. The combination of these two products now produces results even better than both pads together, the company reports. Labs no longer have to use two different pads when working with AR coated lenses.
Vital Stats: $149.95/roll. four or more; $139.95/roll for four rolls or more; $129.95/roll for eight rolls or more.
www.dynamiclabs.net; (888) 339-6264