Quantum Innovations Offers Stainless Steel Bell Jar Upgrade for Zeiss B12 Coater


CENTRAL POINT, Ore.—For labs running a Zeiss B12 AR coater, there are many challenges surrounding the bell jar. Over time, the visibility through the once clear bell jar becomes diminished, or worse, the jar itself can become cracked or broken.

In response to these issues, Quantum Innovations developed a stainless steel bell jar upgrade that solves many of the most common problems facing B12 owner and operators such as fragility, visibility, safety and difficulty repairing the unit.

Quantum’s stainless steel bell jar is manufactured with materials that are readily available for a significant cost savings. The shields inside the stainless steel bell jar can be removed and bead blasted just like other items in the lab. This eliminates the need to use a dangerous acid wash.

In addition, the two view ports are easily cleaned or replaced as visibility becomes diminished, by usage and treatment, providing better control of the AR process. Quantum Innovations notes that the stainless steel bell jar can be easily repaired, even by some local machine shops, creating a significant savings in cost and time. ■