Santinelli Debuts New Xtrimer SE-1 5-Axis ‘Milling’ Industrial Edging Platform

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Santinelli International is releasing its all-new Xtrimer SE-1 industrial edger featuring dry cut lens edging technology. The Xtrimer SE-1 provides state-of-the-art processing with its proprietary “V” tool design which introduces a new and more efficient method of dry-cutting and milling, addressing the growing complexities of today’s frame shapes and lens materials, according to Santinelli International.

The 5-axis engineering design, combined with specialized high-speed motors, maximizes throughput efficiency. True “3D Fit” technology is complemented by a new interlocking mechanical cutting method which vastly increases the first-time-fit ratio, the company said.

Incorporating five individual processing tools, the Xtrimer SE-1 expedites the roughing process on all organic lens materials, including Trivex and polycarbonate. The unit completes the 3D cutting cycle and is capable of making “tiltable bevel profiles” (inclined bevels) and drilling a multitude of difficult shapes, all while providing an uncompromised finished lens.

Job data and grinding condition settings are displayed in high-resolution graphics on the large, color LCD touch screen for easy job verification. Processing-command data can be easily entered using the iRx Editor, an intuitive tablet application. This application allows for real-time, interactive, remote support and combines useful functions such as sending/receiving of log files, software upgrades and more, for uninterrupted operation. Retouching after processing can be done automatically by simply entering the retouch information via the tablet.

With its robust construction yet compact size, the Xtrimer SE-1 is available as a stand-alone edger and is also engineered to operate in a small, medium or large volume capacity in conjunction with the company’s AES robotic units.

“Considerable research and development have resulted in the highly efficient design of the Xtrimer SE-1, providing astonishing speed, 3D fit and multi-shape capability,”said Gerard Santinelli, company president and CEO. “We’ve packed so much into this compact, versatile unit, it will be a must-have for labs for many years to come.” ■