Ultra Optics Debuts 'On The Block' Backside Coating System


Product: Ultra Optics "OTB" Backside Coating System
Top Line: Ultra Optics is introducing a new innovative design in backside coating application.
Close Up: The OTB (On The Block) Backside Coating System retains the time- proven durability and reliability of Ultra Optics’ MRIII backside coating unit, while moving the lacquer application process to a new level of performance. The OTB system provides features and benefits as follows:


Front-side lens surface protection
Material support for thin high index lenses
Post-surfacing (coating) de-blocking
Heated wash process
Monitored water and air quality
Measured UV light intensity
Interactive software

Less scratch related breakage
Eliminates lens warping

Improved workflow and yields
Less "pit" related breakage
Consistent quality and yield
Consistent cure and film performance
Proactive diagnostic and maintenance

Vital Stats: 25” Wide x 30” Deep x 76” High. Physical Location: Air exchange rate of 4 to 5 cycles per hour. A normal HVAC system will provide 3 to 6 air exchanges per hour.
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