Digital Eye Lab Releases Digital Master Series Lenses

THORNWOOD, N.Y.—Digital Eye Lab (DEL), a division of ABB Optical Group, is releasing the Digital Master Series, a proprietary lens line featuring enlarged intermediate segments and wider near zones for enhanced viewing of computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.

“We have been working with a number of the leading spectacle lens manufacturers to provide this unique, next–generation digital lens technology to our customers,” noted Scott Pearl, managing director of Digital Eye Lab. “We feel strongly that the superior visual performance in the midrange of the first lens offering will enable the eyecare practitioner to provide patients with an important visual benefit that will enhance their daily lives.”

The Digital Master Series will be available in more than 50 materials and coating combinations, including photochromic and polarized options. The first design to be released is XPanse with Inter Boost technology, a general purpose PAL offering enhanced visual performance in the mid zone and superior visual comfort throughout the corridor. It has an expanded corridor width, features a soft design and has two designs to fit a wide selection of frames. ■