Essilor Launches Definity 3 and Definity 3 Plus

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

DALLAS—Essilor of America is launching a new version of its Definity progressive lens that offers more customization and improved viewing in four visual zones. Like the original Definity lens design, the new Definity 3 and Definity 3 Plus lenses incorporate Essilor’s proprietary DualOptix digital surfacing technology, which splits the addition between the front and back of the lens.

The new lenses also utilize a dynamic split, allowing for the add power to no longer be fixed. This creates more opportunities for customization as the split is optimized to the patient’s prescription and choice of frame, Essilor said. Definity 3 Plus will also utilize three additional measurements—panto, wrap and vertex—to further optimize the lens to the patient’s facial anatomy.

The design of Definity 3 has led to 35 percent less unwanted astigmatism than competitor lenses, according to Essilor. Additionally, Definity 3 offers a 10 percent softer design in the distance zone; 12 percent wider field of vision in the intermediate zone; 20 percent wider field of vision in the near zone; 77 percent of wearers tested reported less swim; 72 percent of wearers tested prefer Definity 3 for comfort in the intermediate zone; and equal experience in the fourth visual zone, which Essilor calls Ground View Advantage.