Seiko Intros ‘Ultra Personalized’ Progressive Lens

Once the patient’s ideal visual needs are determined, ECPs can choose from 11 different corridor lengths (8mm to 18mm), accommodating nearly every size and shape frame. Superior also offers 51 options for the near zone inset (0mm to 5.0mm) and 21 options for frame pantoscopic tilt (0° to 20°).

“Most progressives have only one design, but the Superior product encompasses three separate ones,” said Michael Rybacki, Seiko’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “They’re chosen based on the patient’s lifestyle and occupational needs. Most patients will get Superior B: Balanced design, the ‘optimal blended-type design,’ but architects, seamstresses and others working up close would get Superior N: Near Zone Priority. Similarly, landscapers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and others where distance vision is especially important would get Superior F: Far Zone Priority.”

 The Superior design processes convex curves onto the concave back surface, permitting the use of flatter base curves on plus power prescriptions, resulting in lenses which are up to 25 percent flatter in profile compared to Seiko’s other free-form designs. ■