Smith Optics Debuts ChromaPop Polarized Lens

KETCHUM, Idaho—Smith Optics is launching ChromaPop Prescription Sunglasses featuring proprietary lens technology.

ChromaPop is a scientifically advanced polarized lens, engineered to optimize color and increase visual clarity. ChromaPop eliminates color confusion for the brain, ultimately recognizing true color faster, regardless of lens tint.

When light passes through a traditional lens, there are two points where light waves intersect and the brain has to work to decipher whether it is seeing red, green or blue. With ChromaPop lens technology, the color intersections are blocked so the brain immediately recognizes true vibrant color as it should be seen with increased depth and detail of objects, while reducing eye fatigue.

ChromaPop prescription sun lenses will be available in four proprietary tints: ChromaPop Polarchromic Ignitor, ChromaPop Polar Brown, ChromaPop Polar Gray Green and ChromaPop Polar Platinum.

ChromaPop Prescription Sunglass lens technology also offers a proprietary authentic Smith Prescription Sun solution through its Trivex Confined Tint Technology (CTT). This CTT engineers the tint and photochromic dyes within 0.9mm of the front surface of the lens, which results in an RX lens with uniform color and a visually attractive appearance after surfacing and edging. ■