Vision-Ease Lens Introduces Versatile Advanta FSV

RAMSEY, MINN.—Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) has launched Advanta, its new spherical FSV polycarbonate lens that is designed specifically to meet the style needs of wearers and the processing needs of ECPs, according to the company.

Advanta lenses feature flatter front curves, providing better aesthetics and fitting with today’s frames. Ample edge thickness on low minus and plus powers accommodate rimless and drill mount frames. For maximum scratch resistance and AR compatibility, Advanta lenses are protected by VEL’s own Continua thermal-cured hard coating. The lenses have base curve compatibility with Vision-Ease Lens SFSV for out-of-range surfacing or stock outage.

“In talking with eyecare professionals, we saw a need for lenses designed specifically for today’s frame styles and processing practices. That is where Advanta comes in,” said Karen Hoyt, product manager for VEL. “By re-engineering the spherical FSV, we created a more versatile lens with better aesthetics.”

Advanta lenses use the latest polycarbonate resins for the optical clarity, manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines and inspected to meet industry leading quality standards. Immediate availability is 65mm and 75mm diameters for +4.00 to -8.00 spheres up to -2.00 cylinder. ■