VSP Adds Personalized, Digital Computer Lens to Unity Line

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Optics Group is adding a personalized, digital computer lens to its Unity line. The new lifestyle lens, Unity CVxpression, is customizable, offering three distance options — 4, 6 or 12 feet — to ensure the best optics for every patient need.

“Our newest lens design is the result of years of input from practices and patients,” said Dave Delle Donne, vice president of business development with VSP Optics Group. “Unity CVxpression provides a flexible solution that can be personalized to fit individual patient needs based on their daily activities.”
Simulated viewing area based on an average prescription

The Unity CVxpression lens design incorporates Cascade Technology which unifies a unique, front-surface, variable base curve with Unity’s newest backside freeform design. Combined with a patient’s position-of-wear measurements, Unity CVxpression provides intrinsic power enhancement to deliver power where it is needed most. A fully compensated prescription also ensures enhanced visual performance and quick patient adaptation.

Unity CVxpression lenses are available exclusively to private-practice eye doctors. All three lens distances are available for a broad range of prescriptions, materials and options within the Unity portfolio. n