Zeiss Officelens Offers, Flexibility for Wearers, Simplicity for Dispensers

SAN DIEGO—Carl Zeiss Vision is introducing Zeiss Officelens, a customized, task-specific lens that allows patients to choose the amount of working distance they need. Unlike traditional computer lenses, Officelens offers wearers a choice of three distances:

Zeiss Officelens Book provides the widest possible fields of near vision and intermediate to a range of about three feet (100cm), enough to see reading material and a computer monitor.

Zeiss Officelens Des
k extends the intermediate range to about seven feet (200cm), for seeing the immediate workspace clearly.

Zeiss Officelens Room provides intermediate to about 14 feet (400cm), enough for comfortable vision in meetings and when moving around the office.

“Zeiss Officelens allows wearers to choose the viewing area that will allow them to be productive all day long,” said Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s vice president, marketing.

Officelens is ordered with the same information required for a standard progressive—distance prescription, add, PD and fitting height. “With Zeiss Office-lens, there is no need to send a near Rx or calculate the intermediate power, eliminating any confusion between the lab and the ECP,” Labeeuw noted. ■