Taking Progressive Lens Technology to the Next Level


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Graeme MacKenzie, OD
The theme of imagination and invention, underscored the goals of Adlens, one of the VM Summit’s Premier sponsors. According to Dr. Graeme MacKenzie, director of Industry Affairs for Adlens, in only two years, the company has become a leading manufacturer and seller of adjustable lenses—variable focus eyewear. “We make lenses that behave the same way the eye does, naturally,” MacKenzie explained.

MacKenzie told Summit attendees, “progressive lenses are here to stay, it’s not going to change, not at all. But, how far can we push progressive lens technology? We’ve been thinking about the rules that dictate this particular technology and we figured out how to go from round adjustable lenses to non round. And when you do that, some exciting opportunities open up.

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“This is just the first version, and we’re working— playing—very hard to get this and improve this. We hope and trust that this will create a new fan base that will benefit every single one of us here.”