Kidz Biz 2016

Ready. Set. Go.


For parents with hyperactive, adventurous, athletic and stylish kids, Vision Monday showcases new, groundbreaking eyewear in this edition of Kidz Biz. This special section features companies who are keeping up with the latest trends and creating eyewear with a child’s active lifestyle in mind.

From interchangeable temples to new hinge technology, much of the eyewear is fashionable and technologically savvy to ensure durability, practicality and versatility so that no child has to compromise their activities for their eyewear and vice versa.

And for the kids who dig into their parents’ closets for the latest in eyewear, some of today’s eyewear for kids offer up the perfect mini-me collections. With brighter colors, cool temple designs and unique shapes, these frames are ready to take on the world from a child’s perspective.

Kidz Biz 2016 is a joint project of Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine.

–Stephanie Sengwe, Assistant Editor

The Special Kidz Biz 2016 Section is supported by the following companies: Avalon Eyewear, ClearVision Optical, L’Amy America, Lafont, Luxottica, Marchon Eyewear, Match Eyewear, Nouveau Eyewear, REM Eyewear, Safilo and Wiley X.

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