Accurate Optical



Accurate Optical
Salisbury, MD.
Owners: Steven M. Zeidman, OD
Charles L. McDonald, OD
John F. Lynch, JR., OD

True Blue in Seeing Green

When it comes to green thumbs, Accurate Optical Company has all 10 fingers in the pot. The Salisbury, Md. practice covered all the bases—paper, plastic, electricity and water—to support their goal to reduce consumption of resources.

The company dusted its carbon footprint from all retail locations and the company’s corporate office by implementing systems and products like EMR, all-in-one scanning, copying, faxing and printing units, free refills of eyeglass cleaner in previously used bottles and motion-censor LED lighting. They were the first independent optical retailer to invest in digital freeform lens manufacturing equipment, reducing plastic lens inventory by 3,500 pairs and saving significant water consumption.

Accurate Optical Company also saved 36 percent a month on energy consumption, dropped 60 percent of paper consumption and reduced distribution of eyeglass cleaner bottles from 37,000 to 9,000 annually, and convinced Vision Monday that they were truly Seeing Green.