L.A. Eyeworks

L.A. Eyeworks
Los Angeles, Calif.
Owners: Gai Gherardi & Barbara McReynolds

Express Yourself

At l.a. Eyeworks, the most significant facet of advertising is being true to the company’s brand culture, which often flexes a collective wit when preparing to catch the public eye. “We poke fun at things, we question perceptions, we make absurd gestures,” said Gai Gherardi, store co-owner. “We encourage people to think.”

Attracting customers often starts in-store, where staff members brainstorm over elaborate, and often humorous, window displays. “The store windows of l.a. Eyeworks have been an indelible aspect of the company’s expressive vocabulary and an essential part of its dialogue with the public,” said last year’s submission essay. The frequent use of tongue-in-cheek cultural references and puns, the essay said, “aims to amplify the collective understanding of ‘vision’ and ‘seeing’ as expansive concepts.”

The store stands strong behind these concepts, consistently creating campaigns for which, truly, The Resistance Is Futile.