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August 09, 2011
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Nouveau: Nickelodeon
McGee: Vera Bradley
Zyloware: Stetson
Drift: Timber Collection


Kenmark: Thalia


REM Eyewear



Nouveau Adds Nickelodeon Styles for Back-to-School

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Quick Take:
SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora The Explorer, and Go Diego Go! from Nickelodeon are already getting ready for back-to-school with Nouveau Eyewear. The company is offering opticians colorful collections designed for kids and inventive, fresh POP materials for the new school year.
Specifics: New ophthalmic styles for kids in the SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go!
Selling Points: The SpongeBob Squarepants ophthalmic collection is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, and features combined materials, precise graphics and functional elements, as well as brilliant, lively colors inspired by the marine world. The Dora The Explorer ophthalmic collection is designed for girls 4- to 7-year-old market and is crafted in metal, acetate and combined materials. The Go Diego Go! collection is made up of 10 brightly-colored styles that combine cheerful hues of red, orange and blue. Equipped with a special protective coating, all Nickelodeon styles are complete with the images of their cartoon characters on the outside of the temples and come with their own custom case. For back to school 2011, Nouveau Eyewear is also giving each of its wearers a colorful pencil cases. Additionally, the back-to-school campaign from Nouveau aims to be a reminder to parents of the value of regular vision checkups for their children.
Price Guide: $$

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McGee Group Introduces New Vera Bradley for Girls

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Quick Take: New Vera Bradley collections for Kids & teens have been introduced by The McGee Group.
Specifics: The Vera Bradley ophthalmic collection is expanded with two new styles in the Girlfriends “Spring Break” collection: Daisy and Susie, as well as the addition of a new kids collection, “Summer Treat,” featuring Haley, Kaylee, Maya, Lily and Taylor.
Selling Points: The Susie is a semi-rimless metal/handmade acetate combination frame with a modified rectangle eyeshape; the petite features Vera Bradley Buttercup and Viva la Vera designs on the outside of each temple. Daisy is a full-rim metal/handmade acetate combo frame with a modified cat eye eyeshape; also featuring the Vera Bradley Buttercup and Viva la Vera designs on the outside of each temple. The Vera Bradley Kids Collection offers eyewear for children ages 7-10 years old. The new collection provides styles designed to fit children featuring hand crafted layered acetates, metal plastic combinations and metal frames of optical quality in Vera Bradley Buttercup, Viva la Vera, Folkloric and Boysenberry designs. Maya and Kaylee offer modern cat eye eyeshapes and a petite fit with the Vera Bradley designs on the outside of both temples. Taylor, Lily and Hayley offer soft oval and rectangle eyeshapes with the Vera Bradley designs on the outside of both temples.
Price Guide: $$, (800) 966-2020

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Zyloware Releases New Stetson Styles

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Quick Take:
Zyloware has added new styles to its Stetson Eyewear collection for men.
Specifics: Three new ophthalmic styles.
Selling Points: The Stetson 282 is a classic Stetson frame with a semi-rimless, rimwire front, flat, metal temples and an intricate laser pattern for added design interest; while snap-in silicone nosepads uphold the Stetson tradition of quality, fit and long-lasting comfort. The Stetson 283 features a full rim, handcrafted zyl front with a metal temple and a modified rectangular front. The temple features a small woven rope-like design near the endpiece as an added design element. The Stetson 284 is a full rim metal front frame featuring a sheet metal top with a regular rimwire bottom in a modified square shape with the Stetson “S” logo is pressed into the metal plaque on the handcrafted zyl temples for easy brand recognition. All three styles feature spring hinges and can accommodate progressive lenses.
Price Guide: $$, (800) 765-3700

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Drift Eyewear Presents the Timber Collection

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Quick Take:
Drift Eyewear introduced the Timber Collection, a limited edition collection of handcrafted eyeglass frames constructed from salvaged hardwood.
Specifics: Three unique ophthalmic styles with a patent pending temple structure done in a 100 piece run.
Selling Points: The Truss features a dark brown patina and deep grain made from wood milled from centuries-old beams taken from the Meatpacking District in New York City. The timbers were removed during a historic remodel by designer and craftsman Daniel Grady Faires. The Nail Hole features wood that remains strong and sturdy long after the nail has disintegrated. Each Nail Hole frame is custom crafted to showcase the distinct transformation often seen in vintage two-by-fours. This piece was inspired by a collaboration with Seattle designer Jessica Park. The Whitewash is resawn from slats of vintage picket fence. Transformed by years of sunshine and weather, each frame pays homage to a nostalgic past; the wood for these frames was rescued by Chicago artist Raun Myn of FoundRE. The Timber Collection is possible thanks to Drift’s patent pending temple structure modeled after the architectural "Curtain Wall” which transfers the burden of load-bearing from the outside woods to the steel core. This philosophy in architecture is the foundation of all skyscrapers and allows them to use aesthetic elements, such as windows, on the outside of the building. The Nail Hole is the best example and features a rusted-out nail hole in the side of the temple through which one can see the steel core laminated beneath it. The weight of the metal provides an equal distribution of load on the three contact points of the face: ears and nose and prevents the glasses from tipping off when the wearer leans forward. Overall, a Drift product has the same weight and thickness of an acetate frame.
Price Guide: $$$$$

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Kenmark Offers New Displays for Thalia Eyewear Collection

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Quick Take:
Kenmark has released new displays for its Thalia and Thalia Girls collections.
Specifics: The new items for the ladies’ collection include; a logo block (6 frame requirement) and mirror (8 frame requirement). New items for Thalia Girls include; a logo block (6 frame requirement) and two-piece display (8 frame requirement).
Selling Points: The new merchandising materials provide retailers with a fun, colorful way to highlight the flirtatious shapes, vibrant colors and playful temple decor on the frames. Thalia Ladies displays feature a purple animal print design while Thalia Girls offers fun purple and orange heart detailing. These displays can be used separately or in a group to add a touch of Latin flair to any optical retail shop. Counter cards, postcards and a banner are also available by request. All items are complimentary with a minimum purchase of Thalia and Thalia Girls frames.

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Prodesign Adds Styles to Axiom

Axiom is a streamlined, simple collection with a twist. The innovative collection has no hinge, but instead an “s” where the temple would be, inspired by the jewelry industry, which makes the already flexible temple thinner and more bendable. Seven different shapes, 6110-17, in four colors each, the Axiom collection features classic colors and shapes.

Okia Debuts Lace Style

Okia has introduced a new women’s style inspired by a lace pattern executed in its patented HDA Technology. A traditional hallmark of items like wedding dresses or veils, lace has recently become one of the hottest fashion trends. Okia’s lace style features the pattern spread from the endpiece to the temple, while gold metallic lines are realized through the BMT technique to enrich the pattern and create a subtle sense of luxury.

Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear from Eye Eco

Developed and patented by Stanley Scheiner, MD, Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear from Eye Eco helps stabilize the tear film, improve visual acuity and ease symptoms of eye dryness, redness and fatigue. The lightweight frame utilizes two vented chambers which contain a piece of water-soaked foam which continuously releases moisture around the eyes. A padded gasket and bendable nose bridge help seal the face and protect the eyes.

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