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January 14, 2014
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Seiko Optical Products: PolarThin
Digital Eye Lab: Digital Master Series


Ogi: Stainless Steel
Viva: Gant


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Seiko Optical Launches 1.67 PolarThin Lenses

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Quick Take: Seiko Optical Products of America, a leader of high-index and free-form lens technologies, has introduced PolarThin, one of the thinnest and lightest polarized sunwear products available.
Wearer: Seiko’s 1.67 PolarThin offers 11 accurate Base Curves including a 0.50B. The accurate and consistent curvature is ideal for all free-form designs as well as conventional single vision. PolarThin blanks are made with high index MR-10 resin, which is less sensitive to heat and does not readily contract or expand—factors that can lead to warping and coating deterioration.
Specifics: PolarThin 1.67 is available in gray and brown polarized film colors and features a high index double hard coat primer which provides increased impact resistance and reduces fringe interference. “PolarThin has been tested to show it exceeds ANSI Z80.1 at a 1.3mm center thickness by over nine times,” according to Michael J. Rybacki, senior vice president of sales and marketing.
Selling Points: “The 1.67 Semi-Finished PolarThin features Precise Film Positioning, a proprietary process where the film is located 0.4mm from surface center to edge (patent pending)," said Rybacki. "The polarizing film is placed closer to the surface of the blank, resulting in lightweight and fashionable lenses that can be surfaced as thin as 1.3mm center thickness, compared to all other manufacturers 1.8-2.0mm center thickness.”
Price Guide: $$$

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Digital Eye Lab Releases Digital Master Series Lenses

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Quick Take: Digital Eye Lab (DEL), a division of ABB Optical Group, is releasing the Digital Master Series, a proprietary lens line featuring enlarged intermediate segments and wider near zones for enhanced viewing of computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.
Wearer: Users of computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.
Specifics: The Digital Master Series will be available in more than 50 materials and coating combinations, including photochromic and polarized options. The first design to be released is XPanse with Inter Boost technology, a general purpose PAL offering enhanced visual performance in the mid zone and superior visual comfort throughout the corridor. It has an expanded corridor width, features a soft design and has two designs to fit a wide selection of frames.
Selling Points: "We have been working with a number of the leading spectacle lens manufacturers to provide this unique, next–generation digital lens technology to our customers," noted Scott Pearl, managing director of Digital Eye Lab. "We feel strongly that the superior visual performance in the midrange of the first lens offering will enable the eyecare practitioner to provide patients with an important visual benefit that will enhance their daily lives."
Price Guide: $$$

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Ogi Eyewear Presents Stainless Steel Styles

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Quick Take: Ogi Eyewear has presented its innovative take on metal frames with their new handcrafted stainless steel styles. This material gives each frame a durable, lightweight feel with flattering designer details.
Specifics: Organic patterns such as wood, marble and leather, are set flush within the stainless steel metal frames, creating a slim structure that is nearly weightless on the face and is highlighted by decorative elements such as a sleek, thin metal rim, diamond-shaped accents and textured paneling.
Selling Points: Standouts include the 4300 which features an angular rectangle shape and a swooping brow available in several colors from wine to sapphire, with textures including granite and wood. Each stainless steel combination design is embellished with tapered metallic outlining and a duo of rivets on the front and the temples. The 4301 fuses stainless steel with colorful paneling on an elegant round frame with delicate details. The frame is made complete with a half-paneled face that rounds out at the bridge. Ogi Eyewear counter cards, logo blocks, large window banners and branded counter cubes are available for in-store merchandising.
Price Guide: $$$

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Viva Presents Gant Eyewear Spring 2014 Optical Line

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Quick Take: Viva presents the Gant Spring 2014 optical collection featuring modern wearable silhouettes that pair perfectly with the lifestyle of today’s Gant man and woman.
Specifics: Three new ophthalmic styles for men and three for women.
Selling Points: The optical collection finds its inspiration from the relaxed and effortless styling of the brand’s signature collections, highlighted by vintage-inspired motifs and two-tone colorations. For men, the G Asher, G Parker and G Stellan feature sleek metal temples that display a tone-on-tone accent delivered in a satin finish. The full metal rectangular front of model G Asher and semi-rimless softened rectangular front of model G Parker display the frame’s deep metallic tones, while the G Stellan sports a rectangular front handcrafted in acetate in rich colors. For women, styles feature a combination of handmade acetate and fine metal detailing. The elegant design of the acetate GW Ava features a slight upsweep to the frame’s soft rectangular front while the matte finished metal temples are accented by shiny metal studs. The lightweight, semi-rimless GW Eliza features a satin finished metal front and handmade acetate temples. Lastly, tortoise colorations highlight the handmade acetate design of model GW 102.
Price Guide: $$

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Zyloware Introduces Stetson 'Slims' Styling

Zyloware Eyewear has announced the extension of its Stetson Collection into a new range of styling that will appeal to wearers seeking classic shapes with a thin profile and durable quality, being identified as “slims” styling by the company. Stetson Slims is appealing to men of all ages, with construction that is extremely lightweight, comfortable and fashionable while still maintaining the durability of a thicker zyl frame. Stetson Slim’s flexible stainless steel core wire temple eliminates the need for a bulky spring hinge or thick temple and the weight is distributed throughout the zyl frame so it does not rest on the soley on the nose. The Stetson 308 offers a wide fit, geometric shaped frame; while the Stetson 309 is a classic rectangular style makes a unique statement. Lastly, the classic, wide-fit Stetson 310 frame is perfect for the man that wants a zyl with the thin, lightweight look of a metal frame.

Geek Eyewear Collection for Victor Ortiz from LBI

LBI has partnered with Victor Ortiz, the welterweight boxer turned TV and film star. He has joined forces with the Geek Eyewear brand to collaborate on the Victor Ortiz Collection of eyewear set to debut in Spring 2014 and including a variety of frames set to “capture the inspiration of Ortiz's champion spirit.” Ortiz rose to fame as a boxer, capturing the welterweight title in 2011 and went on to complete the sixteenth season of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2013. According to LBI, Ortiz proved to be the ideal celebrity to align with as Geek Eyewear is known for celebrating diversity, individuality and the creative enthusiasm of geek culture. The Victor Ortiz collection will feature the Geek VO1 and Geek VO2 styles in a variety of colors like black matte tortoise, crystal clear, green, red and blue.

Serengeti Eyewear Announces Signature Series

The defining feature of the sunglasses in the new Serengeti Signature collection is a hinge made with an ancient practice known as lost-wax casting, or by its French name, “cire perdue,” a method often used to make fine art and jewelry. Lost-wax casting allows for a level of detail nearly impossible to achieve with more common mass-production techniques. The Signature Series hinges are finished with durable stainless steel Torx head screws. The main frame structure and temples of the three initial Serengeti Signature models, the Brera, Isola and Verdi, are made with Grilamid TR90 nylon. All Serengeti Signature sunglasses are fitted with Ultra-Light glass lenses that are 20 percent thinner and lighter. Made with borosilicate optical glass from Corning, these lenses are chemically tempered for scratch and impact resistance. Available in several versatile tints, the lenses incorporate photochromic and spectral control technologies, as well as Serengeti's Advanced Polarized Surface technology.

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