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August 12, 2014
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Transitions: Graphite Green
Davesh: Blakened


Marcolin: Timberland
Eastern States: Exces
ImageWear: Callaway


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Transitions Photochromic Now Available in Graphite Green

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Quick Take: Essilor and Transitions Optical have partnered to develop and launch Transitions Signature VII lenses in a graphite green color.
Wearer: The iconic green color dates back to the 1930s when it was applied to sunglasses worn by U.S. Navy pilots. The gray-green shade was originally developed based on research that showed how human eyes respond differently to various colors in the visual spectrum. The lenses were then formulated to emphasize certain colors to help pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as earth, sky and water.
Specifics: Using a special dye formulation, the lenses provide natural vision and true color perception in a variety of light conditions.
Selling Points: Transitions Signature VII lenses in graphite green were developed using Chromatic Color Adaptation technology and Chromea7 technology. Chromatic Color Adaptation technology is a method used to evaluate tinted and photochromic lenses. Chromea7 technology is a molecular formulation which enables Transitions Signature VII lenses to be more responsive to changes in light outdoors, reduce glare and enhance contrast to reduce eye fatigue and strain and get even darker in higher temperatures.
Price Guide: $$

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Davesh Launches Blakened Collection

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Quick Take: Davesh LLC has introduced the Blakened line of ophthalmic frames and sunwear.
Wearer: The Blakened unisex collection is inspired by music and the lasting impression it leaves on our lives.
Specifics: The collection consists of 15 unisex ophthalmic and sun styles, 48 SKUs, handcrafted by Japanese artisans to the highest standards, the company said. Constructed of hand-selected cellulose acetate and pure titanium, the frames feature a distinctive guitar pick logo with a block “B” intaglio. Additional styles will be introduced in coming months, including natural buffalo horn material.
Selling Points: Blakened sunwear features the proprietary Mirus lens, polarized hi-contrast lenses in radiant copper and real gray. According to the company, the lenses feature performance-tuned technology and are color enhancing, while filtering out damaging short wave blue and high-energy violet (HEV) wavelength light. The lenses are available in prescription single vision and digital progressive addition designs. Each style comes with a collapsible padded hard case.
Price Guide: $$$

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Marcolin Presents the Timberland Fall/Winter Line

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Quick Take: The Timberland Fall/Winter 2014 Eyewear collection from Marcolin focuses on style and performance.
Specifics: The new lifestyle additions include four ophthalmic styles and four sun styles for men. A continuation from spring, the new Fall/Winter 2014 collection includes two Earthkeepers sun styles, which are made of 55 percent biobased plastic, derived from plant oils.
Selling Points: In ophthalmic, the TB1297 has prominent, beveled temples and a classic rectangular frame front. The TB1302 has modern appeal with a rectangular shape in metal is enhanced by a metal piece that borders the temples. The TB1308 is more traditional with a full acetate front and thicker temples featuring metal alloy inserts. The TB1301 is a stand-out, semi-rimless frame; made from a metal alloy, this style has aluminum temples that are partially encased by colored, logo-stamped rubber detailing. In sun, the Rx-able Woodcliff (TB9061) features a 3D embossed motif along its temples mimicking the look and feel of wood. The Shorefront (TB9066), one of the collection’s Earthkeepers styles, is an extremely lightweight, Rx-able sunglass in a modified round shape. The Splitrock (TB9067) is a prominent aviator made with TR-90, while the Fells (TB9070), the collection’s other Earthkeepers style, is a sporty wrap-around style is sporty with colored rubber nose pads and temple details. The sun collection is further enhanced by important technical features, among them, the usage of polarized, anti-reflective lenses for all sun models.
Price Guide: $$

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Eastern States Expands Exces Eyewear Collection

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Quick Take: Eastern States Eyewear has announced the release of eight new ophthalmic styles in Exces Eyewear.
Specifics: Five of the styles are traditional Exces styles targeted to a younger demographic, the other three are Exces “Princess” styles which feature a more classic twist with accents such as crystals and resin.
Selling Points: Featuring a mix of plastic and metal fronts, the new release features a bright, diverse color palette. Several techniques are utilized to demonstrate the brand’s penchant for rich, attractive coloring. Plastic triple laminate temples feature cuts to show off the added color within their layers. Metal styles feature endpiece work that allows for subtle color accents to contrast their fronts. Additionally, a theme of dynamic detailing on endpieces such as flowing metal work, laser etching and rhinestones, is apparent. A variety of shapes and sizes are featured in the entire collection, allowing the ability to fit standard size faces and tweeners alike.
Price Guide: $

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ImageWear Offers New Callaway Sunwear Collection

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Quick Take: ImageWear, a division of Walman Optical, introduces new styles to the Callaway Sunwear collection, featuring the proprietary Neox lenses.
Specifics: The Callaway sun collection features styles with a mixture of six and eight base curves. Five new Sport Series sunwear styles have been introduced, as well as the all new Club House series with six new styles in Titanium metal that feature polarized grey and brown lenses. All Callaway Sunwear can be custom fitted with prescription lenses including the Neox G22 Transitions golf lens for the ultimate golfing and overall outdoor experience.
Selling Points: The wrapped lenses and rimless designs offer a wide field of view. Well thought out frame design featuring molded rubber temples fit comfortably under a hat providing a comfortable, but firm fit for long hot days on the field or the golf course. Many styles feature adjustable nose pads for a custom fit. The Country Club series offers high performance polarized lenses in fashionable designs for everyday wear eliminating reflective glare and reducing bright light conditions. Polarized grey lenses provide a truer color experience, while brown lenses improve contrast and filter more blue light to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Titanium frame material offers the lightest weight fit and ultra-strong construction.
Price Guide: $$

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Safilo Unveils the Dior Metallic Sun Collection

Safilo has introduced the Dior Metallic collection for winter 2014. For 2014, Dior’s artistic director celebrated Dior’s vision of “femme-fleur” by transporting it to a new environment with “City Lights,” a new vision of the urban experience. In the sunwear collection, a city’s graphic silhouettes are mirrored in the top of the lenses’ magnetic colors. A fine faceted metal line is applied on the top part of the lens, separating the lens materials to a mirrored version on top, and is extended to create fine open worked temples. The color palette includes; crackled gunmetal frame with comic silver mirrored and grey lenses, gunmetal frame with dusk blue mirrored and blue lenses, golden metal frames with power pink mirrored and grey lenses, and golden metal frame with pure orange mirrored and blue lenses.

Tura Inc. Adds Three New Tura Collection Styles

Tura Inc. has expanded its remastered Tura Collection with three new beautifully crafted ophthalmic models for women. Inspired by the intricate designs of fine jewelry, the new Tura styles feature Swarovski crystals, bold animal prints, a sophisticated color palette, jewelry details and wearable, feminine shapes. The frames also feature two-tone plating and rich enameling. This new release is part of Tura’s Elements collection, which is inspired by nature and features flora- and fauna-like details. One standout design feature is on-trend animal prints that appear on both the exterior and interior of temples.

Zimco Debuts Oxygen Eyewear Ultem Collection

Zimco Optics has introduced their Ultem eyewear collection, named Oxygen. Ultem, which Zimco describes as “plastic-memory titanium,” is temperature/chemical resistant, strong, lightweight and flexible, all of which played a role in the company feeling it necessary to launch this collection dedicated to providing comfort and durability. Due to its flexible nature, Ultem allows for fewer adjustments by the doctor and a longer-lasting fit for the patient, the company said. “We decided to name this collection Oxygen because breathing is what these frames are all about,” said Mitch Zimberg, president of Zimco. “Ultem is a unique material and creates a new option for clients who prefer an acetate look while simultaneously offering comfort and durability.” Available in a variety of shapes and styles, such as rounded rectangles and traditional squares, the collection also offers an assortment of colors and flexible temples.

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