Optovue Launches Guaranteed ROI Program, Which Lets Practices Try Before They Buy

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Product: ROI Program
Top Line: Optovue, which develops and markets spectral-domain optical coherence tomography equipment (SD-OCT), is launching its Guaranteed ROI Program, a risk-free way for practices to evaluate the ROI they can generate with an OCT before purchasing.
Close Up: The Guaranteed ROI Program lets practices try an iVue, iFusion or iScan SD-OCT for up to 60 days. Optovue installs the instrument at no charge to the practice. Optovue also provides an in-practice training session for doctors and staff and ongoing support from a practice implementation consultant.
At the end of the evaluation period, Optovue will provide a ROI report detailing the practice’s ability to generate revenue with an Optovue OCT. The practice may then choose to purchase the instrument or return it to Optovue.
“The goal of the program is to let doctors see the impact that OCT can have on patient care while demonstrating that the practice has the ability to generate a return on an investment with this instrument,” said Christina Kirby, marketing director for Optovue. “Optovue will give the practice every resource it needs to be successful during the evaluation period and then continue that partnership should the practice decide to purchase the system.”
Vital Stats: iVue and iFusion deliver high-quality retinal imaging and powerful clinical applications from the front of the eye to the back. The iVue SD-OCT includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans. iFusion combines the iVue SD-OCT with the iCam fundus camera into a single instrument to save time and space for optimal practice efficiency.
iScan features a unique software-assisted platform to provide the ultimate in ease-of-use. iScan requires minimal operator training and delivers consistent scan acquisition. The system’s compact footprint and tabletop design offer the flexibility to place iScan in any room in the practice. iScan is offered in two configurations: iScan Essential and iScan Comprehensive.
iVue, iFusion and iScan include Optovue’s proprietary iWellness scan, which provides valuable information to aid in the early detection of retinal disease.
www.optovue.com; (866) 344-8948

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Pediatric Photoscreening App Can Help Detect Amblyopia Risk Factors

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Product: GoCheckKids app
Top Line: Gobiquity Mobile Health has designed and developed GoCheck Kids, a pediatric photoscreening application for smartphones. The app, which is available to health care professionals, uses a Cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform that screens a child’s eyes for risk factors that could lead to vision loss.
GoCheck Kids is designed to facilitate the early detection of amblyopia risk factors for children aged six months to six years. Pediatricians enjoy the convenience, ease of use and clinical accuracy of GoCheck Kids. Its acceptance by patients also allows for efficient delivery of care, according to Gobiquity Mobile Health.
Photorefraction devices are meant to improve the detection and decrease the time required to perform testing compared with traditional eye charts.
Close Up: To use GoCheck Kids, a pediatrician simply takes a single photograph of the patient’s eyes, and the proprietary screening technology automatically detects amblyopia risk factors in seconds. The pediatrician can then determine whether to refer the patient to an eyecare specialist for further testing and treatment. By putting photoscreening at physicians’ fingertips, GoCheck Kids empowers them to identify at-risk children earlier, and ultimately prevent permanent vision loss.
Vital Stats: Click here to see a poster titled, “Efficacy of a Mobile SmartPhone Vision-Screening Device with Automated Image-Processing Analysis in the Evaluation of Amblyopia Risk Factors in Preschool Children.” The study is authored by Robert Arnold, MD and David I. Silbert, MD, who recently presented it at the annual meeting of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. The poster illustrates the costs of smartphone platforms, which make them highly desirable for use as vision-screening devices. The hypothesis is that the vast majority of astigmatic eyes could be detected with a single flash and only one photograph, simplifying image acquisition greatly.
www.gocheckkids.com; (949) 330-7300

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Arotek Intros UV-Curable, Super-Hard Coating

Product: HCoating-AB
Top Line: Arotek is introducing HBCoating-AB, their latest abrasion-resistant coating for ophthalmic lenses. HCoating-AB is a UV-curable super-hard coating and serves as a perfect base for AR coatings, according to Arotek.
Close Up: HCoating-AB was formulated as a result of Arotek's continued Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA) technology development. IMA is an alteration of molecular design within a chemical to produce the desired and stabilized structure and viscosity. HCoating-AB further enhances the properties of non-tintable hard coating and offers the best adhesion, abrasion resistance, and AR compatibility.
Vital Stats: HCoating-AB adheres well to all kinds of lenses including standard plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.56, and high-index up to 1.74 index, Arotek said. The Bayer ratio after AR is close to thermally cured hard coatings.
www.hcoating.com; (815) 301-8789

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