PSI Debuts Clear Plastic Lens Polish

Product: PSI Clear
Top Line: PSI Clear from Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) is new-generation lens polish designed to optimize the performance of conventional polishers.
Close Up: Mild formula reduces chance of dermatitis and contains an ingredient that prevents hands from drying out. Unique stabilized suspension chemistry and alumina crystal structure make polish long lasting and cost-effective. Combines traditional density and solids with low Baumé and viscosity, which reduces carry-out while improving pad and lens coverage. Can be mixed quickly at the start of the day and be cleaned easily from lenses and equipment. Formulated for all plastic lens materials including polycarbonate and Trivex.
Vital Stats: Available in gallon jugs and 5-gallon pails. PSI part #3301G and 3301P.

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Essilor Unveils New Measurement Technology

Product: Visioffice
Top Line: Essilor’s Visioffice is a universal measuring device for all products from single vision to progressive. The all-in-one system takes patients through the entire sales process, from frame selection to measurement to sales support. The system allows ECPs to deliver the highest level of individualization available based on dynamic 3D measurements
Close Up: Patented, state-of-the-art measuring device provides ECPs with a fast, accurate way to measure patient fitting parameters critical to the next generation of lenses. Takes all standard eye measurements and exclusive Essilor measurements, including behavior measurements for Varilux Ipseo lenses, as well as eye rotation center and natural head posture measurements for Essilor’s proprietary “eyecode” lenses. Patients can see the features and benefits of premium designs, materials and lens treatments through interactive videos available on the Visioffice system.
Vital Stats: For more information, contact your Varilux sales representative. For updates on the Visioffice system, bookmark on any smartphone browser.

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Pro Fit Optix Releases Next Generation Free-form Software

Product: OptixCalc
Top Line: Pro Fit Optix is releasing a OptixCalc, new version of its free-form software for the calculation of back side progressive lenses.
Close Up: Pro Fit Optix has invested significant resources during the last months to bring this new generation of software to the marketplace. The Pro Fit Optix R&D team is comprised of members of the former Optixx of Switzerland R&D group and newly hired international and USA based IT- and software engineers. Pro Fit Optix will market and support this new software for the production of free-form single vision, wraps, progressive and degressive lenses worldwide.

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B+L Offers Free iPhone App

Product: Crystalens iClear iPhone App
Top Line: Bausch + Lomb is offering a free iPhone application, called Crystalens iClear, that will educate and entertain consumers about vision, cataracts and the B+L Crystalens product.
Close Up: Crystalens is the only FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens. Unlike the standard cataract replacement lenses, the Crystalens intraocular lens is designed to not only eliminate the patient's cataract but also to give patients a more natural range of vision. The Crystalens iClear iPhone app will help users learn more about cataracts. In addition, they will be able to self-check their visual acuity and color vision and have some fun with the Crystalens iClear "Picture Hunt." The user will also be able to find a Crystalens surgeon by using "doc finder" on the application.
Vital Stats: The iPhone app is free and is available in iPhone App Stores.

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WOS Offers Plier With Smaller Grip

Product: WOS #3009F Budgetool Foam Grip Wide Jaw Angling Plier
Top Line: The Budgetool line from Western Optical Supply (WOS) features a smaller grip and the same construction of Western’s heavier-duty tools.
Close Up: The foam grip wide jaw angling plier is for adjusting pantoscopic tilt and temple angles on all types of frames. Opens extra wide to accommodate large temples and hinges. Recessed hole in each jaw protects the hinge screw.

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