Santinelli Edger Excels at High-Wraps, 3-Piece Mounts

Top Line: Santinelli’s new flagship edger, the Me1200, is compact and multi-featured. Upon its recent debut at the 2010 SILMO trade show in Paris, the Me 1200 was honored with the 2010 SILMO d'Or Award recognizing innovation, technology and creativity.
Close Up: Industrial-grade design. Manufactured for highest precision and “whisper-quiet” drilling and notching. Processes all types of three-piece mounts, as well as Chemistrie sunlenses with the unit’s exclusive Click Mode. Incorporates the industry’s first step-beveling technology for tabletop units, allowing Rx lenses for any high-wrap frame. Also delivers top-quality high-curve beveling, exclusive partial beveling, partial grooving, design cut, faceting, advanced shape editing and exclusive 3D grooving. Advanced polishing function eliminates knurl-mark edges and the unit’s diamond grooving wheel allows for cleaner groove.
Vital Stats: Radius Measurement Unit (RMU) measures the radius of the lens for proper cut-out and orients the lens for faster processing speed. Santinelli’s new, proprietary Self Adjusting System (SAS) “Wizard” technology provides quick self-calibration and auto-adjustment. Exclusive, BMW-style “Jog-Dial” operations provide ease-of-use and precision operation, as does the new graphic design color display.

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Smile Reminder Introduces New 'Glasses Ready' Feature

Smile Reminder Adds “Glasses Ready” Feature
Top Line: Smile Reminder, the patient communication service, is introducing a new "Glasses Ready" feature to help vision care professionals save time, save money and eliminate the need to contact each patient individually to let them know their eyewear is ready for pick-up.
Close Up: The Glasses Ready feature produces an automated message from the practice when a patient's eyewear is ready for pick-up. Patients are alerted via e-mail, text message, or both, that their new eyewear is ready for pick-up at their convenience. The standard features offered through Smile Reminder's communication platform allow offices to simplify their daily routine and strengthen doctor-patient relationships through services such as: automated appointment reminders and confirmations, last minute appointment openings announcements, e-newsletters, e-surveys, custom promotions, patient recall/recare, patient referrals, and a new suite of tools that take advantage of web 2.0 opportunities.
Vital Stats: Smile Reminder enhances its messaging solution with, an online patient interaction web portal. Patients can now interact with their provider online in a secure environment to pay bills, view patient images, send secure messages, and download forms online. Smile Reminder's new Xtend Platform gives practices the knowledge and tools to acquire and maintain patients.

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Eschenbach Offers Free Low Vision Webinars

Service: Low Vision Webinars
Top Line: Eschenbach is offering on-line low vision education on a variety of topics to assist practitioners in maximizing their low vision patient outcomes.
Close Up: Topics range from device category reviews to clinical and practice management topics including clinical tips, patient case studies and marketing. The one-hour webinars are easy to attend and convenient. Attendees can simply log in from their office.
Vital Stats: Upcoming Webinar Schedule:
  • Feb. 2, 2011 Optimizing Reimbursement for Low Vision
  • Feb. 16, 2011 Overview of Pediatric Low Vision
To register, send an email to

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Tech Optics Intros Pillar Style Task-Vision Desk Lamp

Vision USA’s Task-Vision Desk lamp from Tech Optics.
Top Line: The Task-Vision Desk lamp has a 5” glass lens 3X distortion free optical quality and offers 22-watt color correct circular fluorescent illumination (shadow free). The pillar style with tilt allows viewing objects at any angle. Steady ABS base and CE certified.
Close Up: The Task-Vision lamp provides proper lighting with magnification for maximum comfort. Includes bulb and is economically priced. Task-Vision is an exclusive trademark of Tech-Optics International.
Vital Stats: Tech Optics International only sells to eye care professionals, low vision centers, optical wholesalers and state and government agencies.

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Ron’s Optical Debuts Pupil Marker

Product: Pupil Marker
Top Line: The Pupil Marker is a simple but effective tool that allows dispensers to accurately and visibly mark pupils.
Close Up: Developed collaboratively by Ron’s Optical and veteran optician Michael Goodwin, the Pupil Marker can accurately measure the fitting height of progressive lenses. The product uses white ink, which is acid free and able to mark all surfaces, including anti-reflective lenses. The white marker provides a contrasting mark against the black background of the pupil which can easily be seen by the dispenser from several feet away.

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