Canon Controller Option for imagePRESS C1+

imagePRESS Server T1 V2 Controller Option For imagePRESS C1+
Top Line: Allows a broad variety of medical facilities, hospitals and imaging centers to utilize the imagePRESS C1+ Digital Printing Solution and CYPHER PS Print Server to centralize traditional office document functions and deliver advanced high-resolution DICOM images that are ideal patient consultations and inter-office reviews. Developed to meet the needs of medical facilities seeking a cost-effective advanced multifunction print solution.
Close Up: The T1 V2 Controller, sold separately, allows the imagePRESS C1+ Digital Printing Solution and CYPHER PS Print Server to deliver high-quality office document output and advanced high-resolution DICOM images that are ideal for imaging centers, hospitals and teaching facilities for patient consultations and inter-office reviews.
By leveraging the document workflow capabilities of the imagePRESS C1+ Printing Solution and CYPHER PS Print Server with the imagePRESS T1 V2 controller, healthcare facilities have the opportunity to improve output management and to decrease overall printing costs while also providing precision DICOM output. This level of output control is made possible through a versatile paper management system, allowing print output ranging from e-mails, patient receipts and medical forms to MRI reports, radiology reports and CT scans.
Vital Stats: Built on Canon’s groundbreaking imagePRESS Digital Printing Solution platform, the fully networkable imagePRESS C1+ Digital Printing Solution and CYPHER PS Print Server can be easily integrated into existing document management platforms, helping to alleviate the burden of inefficient, decentralized office and DICOM imaging workflows. Featuring a maximum paper capacity of 5,800 sheets and equipped to handle a variety of popular paper types and sizes up to 13-inch by 19-inch, the imagePRESS C1+ Printing Solution and CYPHER PS Print Server can deliver letter-size print speeds3 of up to14 ppm for color jobs, 60 ppm for black and white and up to 40 ppm for clear print jobs.

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Augen Optics Debuts Proprietary Photochromic

Top Line: Augen Optics introduces AugenSol Photochromic Lenses, a unique combination of premium Augen High Definition lens design technology and the most advanced photochromic available today. Made with 1.50 photochromic material, AugenSol lenses get dark outdoors in just 12 seconds and fade quickly to a barely noticeable tint indoors.
Close Up: AugenSol lenses provide 100 percent UVA/UVB protection on both front and back lens surfaces. The extra-dark tint rivals the light protection from sun lenses.
Vital Stats: Available in Augen HD Single Vision, Trinity 13/17 Progressive and flat top designs.

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Super Systems Intros High-Definition Progressive

ADDvantage HD
Top Line: The ADDvantage HD has been designed to offer the performance of Free Form lenses and the convenience and cost savings of producing them “in-office” on the Fast Grind system (pictured at left).
Close Up: ADDvantage has been digitally enhanced to create maximum visual comfort by eliminating distortion in the distance vision while providing a smooth progression through the intermediate into a generous reading area. This advanced design ensures more natural vision and easy adaptation for the patient.
Vital Stats: ADDvantage is available in a regular corridor design with fitting heights of 18mm and above. It is also available in a Short design with fitting heights of 14mm and above. The materials are Plastic or Photochromic with Polarized being available soon. Lenses are also available with an optional premium AR coating.

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MaximEyes SQL EHR Gets 'Complete EHR' Certification

First Insight Corp reports that its MaximEyes SQL Electronic Health Records, Version received certification by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) on Feb. 17th.
Top Line: The 2011/2012 criteria support the Stage 1 “meaningful use measures” required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). “Receiving this certification will allow eligible optometrists and ophthalmologists to fully demonstrate meaningful use and qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments,” said Nitin Rai, president and CEO of First Insight. “As a leading EHR solutions partner for optometry and ophthalmology practices, our company is committed to supporting and guiding our customers to become meaningful users through exceptional service, training, education and support.
Close Up: First Insight’s June 10-12, 2011 Users Conference in Portland, Oregon will focus on providing real life examples on what eligible providers must do to meet Stage 1 attestation. The ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification program tests and certifies that Complete EHRs meet all of the 2011/2012 criteria and EHR Modules meet one or more – but not all – of the criteria approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) for either eligible provider or hospital technology. “CCHIT is pleased to be testing and certifying products so that companies are now able to offer these products to providers who wish to purchase and implement certified EHR technology and achieve meaningful use in time for the 2011-2012 incentives,” said Karen M. Bell, M.D., M.S.S., Chair, CCHIT.
Vital Stats: MaximEyes SQL EHR, Version certification number is CC-1112-839110-4. ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification conferred by CCHIT does not represent an endorsement of the certified EHR technology by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services nor does it guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. For more information about First Insight’s Complete EHR certification results, visit the CCHIT website.

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Eschenbach Adds Low Vision Webinars

Eschenbach’s Free Low Vision Webinars
Top Line: Eschenbach is offering on-line low vision education on a variety of topics to assist practitioners in maximizing their low vision patient outcomes. The topics range from device category reviews to clinical and practice management topics including clinical tips, patient case studies and marketing.
Close Up: These one-hour webinars are easy to attend and convenient. Simply log in from your office and watch, listen and learn.
Vital Stats: Upcoming Webinar Schedule
Wed., March 16, 2011 Low Vision Clinical Tips & Tricks #2
Wed., March 24, 2011 Profitability of Low Vision in a Private Practice
Wed., April 6, 2011 Visual Acuity, Magnification, Illumination & Contrast Sensitivity
Wed., April 20, 2011 When the Initial Low Vision Plan Doesn't Work
Wed., May 4, 2011 Low Vision Patient History
Wed., May 18, 2011 Training the Patient on Using Low Vision Devices
Wed., June 8, 2011 Stand Magnifiers
For more information, visit To register for any of the webinars, send an email to

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