Vmax Vision Launches New Refraction and Lens System

PSF Refractor and Encepsion lenses
Top Line: Vmax Vision, a diagnostic instrument company based in Windermere, Fla., is launching the PSF Refractor and Encepsion lenses. Optometric and ophthalmic clinicians can use the Vmax Refraction technology to more accurately refract patients, according to Vmax Vision.
Close Up: The PSF Refractor offers a patented unique Integrated Vision System that allows eye care practitioners to provide their patients with the most accurate refraction available, directly incorporating patient subjective input. It is up to five times more precise than the phoropter measuring to 0.05D accuracy, according to Vmax Vision. The data can then be used to prescribe premium Encepsion PALs and single vision lenses, which are manufactured using 100 percent digital free-form Diamond Point Technology, incorporating the patient’s lifestyle and individualized fitting data.
Vital Stats: “This is an unprecedented technology for eye care practitioners,” said Shui Lai, PhD, founder and CEO, Vmax Vision, who is pictured here exhibiting the PSF Refractor at International Vision Expo East. “It represents the first breakthrough in subjective refraction in over 80 years. We are especially pleased to launch the integrated Vision System which is comprised of the PSF Refractor and Encepsion lenses. The PSF Refractor gives leading edge practitioners the opportunity to use a state of the art refraction system and provide their patients with the best possible vision and a more relaxed refraction experience.”

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Revo Launches Water Lens Technology and Spring Collection

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Revo Water Lens Technology
Top Line: Revo is launching the Water lens, featuring premium high contrast polarized lens technology optimized for the color profiles of open water. Paired with this introduction is the launch of four new spring styles.
Close Up: Revo’s high contrast polarized Water lens is tailored to the specific light-absorbance profile of ocean water. Revo has engineered the lens to eliminate glare while adjusting for the blues that are reflected in and around water, allowing the wearer to see more naturally balanced colors.
Vital Stats: The four new styles launching this spring are Guide, Stern, Backbay and Waterway; each perfect for an active lifestyle, designed to wrap around the face and block ambient light while providing maximum visibility. These new releases will be available with the water lens, as well as with Revo’s bronze and graphite lens options. Each of the spring releases will also include Revo’s premium technologies, including:
  • High-contrast polarized lenses that block glare while maintaining industry leading optical clarity.
  • Motion-Fit system balances pressure points and keeps the eyewear in place during activity.
  • Element Shed hydrophobic/oleophobic and backside anti-reflective lens coatings.
  • Revo Serilium polycarbonate lens material featured. The material is lightweight, durable and filters out 100 percent of UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
  • Revo’s taper corrected lens technology eliminates any optical distortion from lens curvature.
All spring releases will be available in May online and in-store through Revo’s distribution channels. Select versions of Guide and Stern are available exclusively at Sunglass Hut.

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Clarkson Eyecare Receives ONC-ATCB Certification by Drummond Group

Grow EMR
Top Line: Clarkson Eyecare, based in St. Louis, has received certification for its own Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software from the Drummond Group Inc. after five years of writing and product development across all of its 50 area locations.
Close Up: Grow CMS is HIPAA compliant, integrated, customizable
and scalable. It offers networking capabilities across multiple offices, enabling users to benefit from real-time reporting.

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CooperVision Debuts Redesigned U.S. Website

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision’s redesigned U.S. website provides a range of resources for both eye care practitioners (ECPs) and contact lens wearers.
Top Line: Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision unveiled a new, redesigned U.S. website. James Gardner, vice president of marketing, Americas stated, “This is yet another step in CooperVision’s digital strategy leveraging technology to strengthen our partnership and communications with ECPs helping them solve challenging business problems.”
Close Up: Based on research with ECPs, the new creates a more personalized experience for ECPs after they log in. The site showcases tools for marketing and managing their practice, including: personalized information featuring top CooperVision products, trial lenses available, and the status of their product banks; easy access to product information, fitting tips and tools and marketing support. Practice locations are automatically entered into a new ECP locator tool for patients. Wearers will also benefit from the enhanced site, which now offers a Lens Finder that provides a lens recommendation based on the wearer’s lifestyle that they can bring to their ECP to discuss the right contact lens for them.
Vital Stats: The website features a number of rebates, free trial offers and an enhanced ECP locator to help wearers find an eye care practitioner in their area.

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Satisloh Simplifies Finish Blocking

Conform Finish Block and Secur-Edge Finish Pad
Top Line: Satisloh’s Best Practice Team received feedback from large and small labs indicating that finish blocking was too time consuming and challenging. The company’s engineers researched block materials and designs that would offer the best lens support and conformability. Their research resulted in the new Conform Finish Block and Secur-Edge Finish Pad.
Close Up: The new Conform Finish Block is made with specially-engineered True Center Support (patent pending) rather than a solid block back. “This new design, unique to Satisloh, eliminates crazing—increasing a lab’s profitability,” said Steve Schneider, director of after-market products for Satisloh. “The Secur-edge Finish Pad has a solid center, rather than the common open center or ‘donut hole’—for larger surface contact. This solid profile, combined with a new adhesive, delivers better surface contact.” Both products are available in Satisloh’s unique "rugby" shape—supplying larger surface area coverage and greatly reducing slippage and axis related challenges.
Vital Stats: Free sample packs containing all sizes and shapes of both the Secur-Edge Pads and Conform Blocks are available. E-mail Satisloh and enter “Finish Sample Pack” in the subject line.

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