PSI Expands Advanced Equipment Components Line

Advanced rolling spindle membrane (ARSM), top. Advanced reception chucks (ARC), bottom.
Product: Advanced Rolling Spindle Membrane (ARSM)
Top Line: PSI is expanding its Advanced Equipment Components line with the addition of the new Advanced Rolling Spindle Membrane (ARSM), an upgrade for cylinder machines. Designed to fit Toro machines built in 1988 and later, this new membrane incorporates the same, durable, simple, notched design and polish resistant materials as PSI’s OLA award winning Advanced Reception Chucks.
Close Up: Constructed to roll instead of compressing, the ARSM creates more freedom of motion allowing for a smoother movement that will lead to longer life and better surfacing. Its unique notched design secures the membrane to the spindle making it rotation proof and allowing it to remain on axis at all times. The membrane is resistant to polish and other chemicals so it won’t dry out and get brittle. It is easy to replace at lower replacement costs when compared with re-attachment charges or buying a new assembly, according to PSI.
Vital Stats: PSI’s Advanced Equipment Components are cost effective upgrades for cylinder machines founded on the Advance Reception Chuck (ARC). The ARC has allowed labs to save money by incorporating this longer lasting wear part. Made of high quality, chemical resistant membranes and a simple design, the ARC has fewer parts to wear out. It also features a unique notched design that keeps the chuck on-axis while providing the ability to change the membrane while the chuck is on the machine without loosing its axis settings. Air lines don’t interfere with how the lens moves on the lap. The ARC and ARSM can be used for both plastic and glass lens processing., 800-237-8154

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AIT Intros Versatile Slit Lamp

SL-8u Digital Imaging Slit Lamp
Top Line: The new SL-8u Digital Imaging Slit Lamp from AIT Industries is an affordable image capturing system for medical billing.
Close Up: Features include:
  • High resolution, German-made optics
  • Professional quality photos
  • Galilean design
  • Joystick photo button
  • Built in background illumination
  • Built in beam splitter and digital photo adaptor
  • 15.1 megapixel camera included
  • Five-step drum magnification
  • Easily capture sharp digital photos of the anterior and posterior segments including cornea, sclera, iris, lens, retina, etc.
  • Continuously variable Slit Aperture up to 14mm
  • Pupillary adjustment: 55mm-78mm
  • +-6 diopter adjustment
  • Slit angles: 0 to 180 degrees horizontal and vertical
  • 1080p high definition video recording
  • All-in-one touchscreen computer included
Vital Stats: The SL-8u Digital Imaging Slit Lamp combines a high quality Haag-Streit-style slit lamp with five magnification modes with a touchscreen, all-in-one computer and a professional 15.1 megapixel DSLR camera that can shoot 1080p high definition video, delivering cutting edge technology at an affordable price., (800) 729-7489

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Precision Vision Offers Two-Sided ETDRS Test Card

Sloan Two-Sided ETDRS-Format Near Point Test (Cat. No. 2106)
Top Line: Precision Vision is offering a convenient two-sided ETDRS card for vision testing. Using two charts helps in repetitive testing and eliminates memorization.
Close Up: Side one features ETDRS Format Chart 1; Side two features ETDRS Format Chart 2. Other features include: notations for testing at 40 cm (16 in.); an attached 40 cm cord to help maintain accurate testing distance; letter sizes from 8M to .20M and Acuity ranging from (20/400, 6/120 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.); traditional Sloan optotypes. The near point chart features highly calibrated Sloan optotypes that adhere to the Snellen 5x5 grid, equal blur at threshold, and equal difficulty. Also, each optotype is recognizable. The near vision chart also features these optotypes in an ETDRS format on each side. Each side features a different configuration of optotypes for repetitive and reliable testing. This near vision chart is optimized for clinical use.
Vital Stats: Measures 18 X 23 cm (7 X 9 in.). Priced at $25 to the eye care professional., (800) 772-9211

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C&E Vision Creates Social Media Center for Members

C&E’s New Social Media Center
Top Line: C&E Vision Services, Inc., a leading national buying group dedicated to “Inspiring Profitable Eye Care Practices,” has introduced its Social Media Center on the member’s only section of its website. The Social Media Center will initially include step by step guides for ECP’s to easily create, grow and be successful using their own Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and blog sites for their practices and to take advantage of social check-in sites such as Foursquare, as well as a selection of videos that will enable ECPs to become more familiar with social media generally.
Close Up: C&E plans to update the Social Media Center regularly. Brad Shapiro, C&E principal, noted, “It is imperative the eyecare professionals embrace social media in their practices as a cost effective way for building patient communication and retention as well as for practice marketing.” Additionally, the Forum section will provide members the opportunity to ask questions about using social media in their practice and to learn from the sharing of other members’ experiences. The Forum will be moderated by CESSON 3.0, a leading social media and marketing firm to ensure members have access to professional expertise.
Vital Stats: C&E first webinar, entitled “Learn to Grow your Practice Using Social Media” was broadcast yesterday and moderated by Philippe Cesson, President of Cesson 3.0, a leading social media and marketing firm. The session included guest appearances by Justin Bazan, OD, Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn, N.Y. and representatives of Marcolin Eyewear. The webinar is being made available for on demand streaming in the C&E Social Media Center, available exclusively to all C&E members.

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