Eschenbach Upgrades Diagnostic Kit

Eschenbach Diagnostic Dispensing System
Top Line: Eschenbach Optik of America has upgraded its Diagnostic Dispensing System to provide a greater assortment of low vision devices. The system has been streamlined by eliminating one tray of devices and by revising three other trays so that they include some of Eschenbach's newest and most popular products.
Close Up: The updated six-tray system now includes the MenasZoom, Powerlux, Makrolux2 and MaxDetail Clip optical products as well as two newer video magnifiers—the Eclipse Touch and Quicklook2. This renovated Diagnostic System will enable low vision professionals to better meet the diverse needs and goals of their macular degeneration and other visually impaired patients, thereby increasing the number of successful patient outcomes and leading to an even more successful low vision care service.
Vital Stats: Eschenbach’s Diagnostic Dispensing System is part of the company’s low vision program, a turnkey program for eye care and vision rehabilitation professionals who want to offer low vision care services. The program also includes in-office staff training and consultative support.
www.eschenbach.com, (800) 487-5389

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HIMS Announces Industry’s First Voice Recognition Multi-function DAISY Player

HIMS BookSense XT interactive voice recognition (IVR) capability for DAISY player.
Top Line: HIMS, a supplier of assistive technology products for blind and visually impaired people, is releasing the industry’s first voice recognition DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) player. The voice recognition capability is available via a free firmware download to existing users of the HIMS BookSense XT.
Close Up: Adding IVR to HIMS BookSense XT players provides an easy-to-use, non-technical user interface that significantly adds functionality and simplifies multi-level accessibility to a wide array of media and document formats including more than 20 file types such as NLS, Learning Ally (RFB&D) and BookShare.org. Voice recognition input commands are ideal as an alternative access method for blind and visually impaired users, seniors with age-related macular degeneration or other low vision conditions and people with hand dexterity challenges due to neuropathy or arthritis. HIMS BookSense players are stylishly designed to look like popular consumer electronics devices.
Vital Stats: The HIMS BookSense XT is priced at $499; firmware updates are free.
www.hims-inc.com; 512-837-2000

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New i4.000 Software from Haag-Streit Enables Doctors to Better Analyze Test Results

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i4.000 Software for EyeSuite
Top Line: Haag-Streit has upgraded its EyeSuite software with an easier to use and more dynamic version called i4.000. Rather than simply viewing static images, the new EMR-compatible software enables doctors to interact with data from the Octopus perimeter and Lenstar LS 900 optical biometer. Physicians can choose which exams to use and even which fields to use, offering them more flexibility and better reliability when analyzing test results.
Close Up: Analysis of test results can be done after an exam or in real time, even if the perimeter or optical biometer is in use. The information is accessible from remote locations on any PC that has i4000 installed and has network connectivity.
The new i4.000 software delivers objective, quantifiable analysis. When used with the Octopus perimeter, it “red flags” data that indicates a significant change in the progression of disease or loss of visual fields. “Unusual” data from Lenstar is also flagged, directing the user to look further into the test results. With i4.000, Lenstar users have the capacity to use the “Shammas No History” formula for automatic calculation of IOL power in post-refractive eyes. It also cuts the capture time for measurements in half. Now Lenstar users can capture five scans on both eyes in two minutes or less.
Vital Stats: Haag-Streit is currently providing the new software at no charge to existing EyeSuite customers. The company offers free on-line training.

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Scottish OD Launches EyeDispense, Video Dispensing App for ECPs

Designed by Edinburgh-based optometrist David Crystal, this portable ophthalmic dispensing app is a fast, professional tool designed for the iPad 2, for successful video dispensing.
Top Line: Utilizing iPad 2’s rear camera, the App allows the operator to take four different three-second video clips, allowing the client to compare their frame choices at a glance. The choices can be emailed or uploaded to Facebook, to ask for their friends’ or family’s approval.
Close Up: The app is available at the iTunes App Store. Developer and owner of independent optician Eyecare Plus, David Crystal, said, “I have developed this app especially for optical professionals, to make the purchase of spectacles an easier experience for clients without their optical correction. The high tech design of EyeDispense used in conjunction with iPad 2 will impress customers. We are delighted with the results in our store. As well as adding to our image as a leading practice with the latest technology, our clients are delighted that they can make a confident frame choice. It’s a truly cost-effective way to improve patient care.”
Vital Stats: A demonstration video is viewable at www.eyedispense.com. The App is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It is priced at $49.99.
Available on iTunes

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