Precision Vision Offers Single-sided Sloan Multiple Group Near Vision Testing Card

Single-sided Sloan Multiple Group Near Vision Testing Card (cat. no. 2107)
Close Up: Memorization can alter testing results and create an inaccurate record for the patient. This near vision chart features multiple groups for repetitive testing help minimize memorization. This helps to create a more accurate and reliable vision chart that yields repeatable results.
Vital Stats: Uses traditional Sloan optotypes. Notations for testing at 40 cm (16 in.). Acuity range 8M to .20M (20/400, 6/120 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.). Two smaller groups 2M to .20 for repetitive testing (20/100, 6/30 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.). 40 cm cord to maintain proper viewing distance. Measures 18 X 23 cm (7X 9 in.). Priced at $25 to eye care professionals.
www.precision-vision.com, (800) 772-9211

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Diversified Ophthalmics’ Practice Maximus Receives ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certification

Practice Maximus Version 6
Top Line: Practice Maximus, a long established practice management software system owned by Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc., was certified by Drummond Group Inc., an ONC-ATCB (Office of the National Coordinator—Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies) as a Complete Electronic Health Records software system on June 9, 2011. The certification is in accordance with the applicable eligible provider certification criteria set forth by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Close Up: The Practice Maximus EHR module is available to all Practice Maximus users at no charge. The certified EHR version is an upgrade option. The certified version allows practices to achieve the 2011/2012 criteria for Stage 1. This is necessary to be eligible for CMS Incentive programs and to avoid penalties in future years.
Vital Stats: Practice Maximus Version 6 is certified as a Complete Ambulatory EHR. Practice Maximus EHR Certified module utilized both DrFirst and DropBox software applications to demonstrate compliance.
www.divopt.com; (800) 626-2281

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PixelOptics Revamps emPower Website

A revamped, relaunched website features the benefits of emPower electronic focusing eyewear from PixelOptics.
Top Line: The updated site features tools for eyecare professionals as well as consumers. An Advantages tab shares the unique advantages of emPower electronic focusing eyewear, showing images of views with emPower and traditional progressives. A Life Activated tab shares, via info and video, how emPower works to meet changing lifestyle needs. How it Works provides an explanatory tour of the power, the lens, the modes and the charger to explain how the electronic emPower works.
Close Up: Video and print media coverage, generating some 500 million impressions to date via national and local press, are highlighted. An ECP locator shows all ECPs that have signed on in geographic markets that are within 60 days of launch.
Vital Stats: Social media links and sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr (the PixelOptics/emPower blog) are a visible element of the site.

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Dynamic Labs’ DynaGrip Disc Prevents Slipping and Twisting

DynaGrip anti-slip disc
Top Line: Dynamic Labs of Ronkonkoma, N.Y. now offers DynaGrip, their newly designed anti-slip disc to prevent slipping and twisting on even the slickest AR coated lenses.
Close Up: An innovative design incorporates a state-of-the-art film and adhesive that has not yet been used in optical. By combining these two materials, Dynamic has created a product that it says works on every lens and coating that they were able to find. The company recommended this product to labs that are looking for an intermediary film to eliminate the problems associated with hydrophobic lenses.
Vital Stats: Available in solid oval and center-punched diamond in rolls of 500 discs.
www.dynamiclabs.net; (888) 339-6264

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