Safilo USA Forms Lab Network to Support Carrera X-Cede Rollout

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Carrera X-Cede Rx-able Sunglasses
Top Line: Safilo USA announced that its new line of Rx-able Carrera sunglasses featuring X-cede color enhancing polarized lenses powered by NXT technology has begun shipping to select optical accounts and it now has an optical lab network in place to handle X-cede Rx processing.
Close Up: Safilo USA has partnered with the following seven select labs to handle the precision Rx processing of X-cede lenses so that patients will receive authentic X-cede prescription lenses:
  • Carl Zeiss Vision Florida, Clearwater, Fla.
  • Carl Zeiss Vision Northwest, Clackamas, Ore.
  • Expert Optics, Shorewood, Ill.
  • Pech Optical, Sioux City, Iowa
  • Perfect Optics, Vista, Calif.
  • Three Rivers Optical, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • US Optical, Syracuse, N.Y.
Vital Stats: All 6-base and 8-base X-cede frames can accommodate single vision prescriptions and digitally surfaced progressive lens styles. Progressive lens designs from leading manufacturers and in- house custom lab designs are available.
All Carrera X-cede 6-base and 8-base frames are available with an Rx frame-only option to provide, simple, fast and money saving Rx order processing. X-cede Rx frame-only styles are ordered direct from Safilo on mysafilo.com or from Safilo customer care (800-631-1188) at a discounted price. They will be dropped shipped to the X-cede Rx lab of choice and processed.
Carrera X-cede is available in brown, gray-green, and gray with silver flash mirror.

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Essilor Launches No-Glare.com to Educate ECPs and Patients

Top Line: Essilor of America has launched No-Glare.com, a new digital resource for eyecare professionals (ECPs) and their patients. According to Essilor, the site was developed to drive further understanding about the benefits and importance of No-Glare lenses. The site offers eight training videos for ECPs that feature real-life situations to explain how both children and adults will benefit from No-Glare lens offerings.
Close Up: The videos cover a wide range of real-life situations in which patients benefit from wearing No-Glare lenses, such as: driving at night, children at school and other day to day activities. Specifically, No-Glare lenses provide drivers with 20 percent sharper contrast so they can see objects more clearly which benefits in a five second faster recovery time after exposure to extreme glare such as headlights. For children, 80 percent of everything they learn in their first 12 years is through their eyes. No-Glare lenses decrease visual fatigue by eliminating glare caused by computers, whiteboards and classroom lighting so children stay focused on learning.
Vital Stats: ECPs who correctly answer simple multiple choice questions at the end of each video will receive a certificate from Essilor stating that they have completed the No-Glare training program. The entire course takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and registration is free with the creation of a new online account. The first 250 ECPs to complete the training will receive a $50 general use gift card.

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California OD Creates Online, Self-Help Videos

Free, online library of optical, self-help videos for consumers
Top Line: Dr. Robert Rothbard, an independent optometrist in Alta Loma, Calif., has developed a free, online video library of vision care and preventive maintenance.
Close Up: The library consists of seven self-help videos that Dr. Rothbard created with director/co-host Julie John. They can be seen at www.wehelpuc.com, and cover topics such as "How Vision Can Improve Through Training," "Vision and Sports" and "Eye Health, Diet, Supplements and Exercise."
Vital Stats: Dr. Robert "Bob" Rothbard has been practicing optometry for more than 30 years. He is affiliated with the Rancho Cucamonga Optometric and Vision Center in Alta Loma, Calif.
www.wehelpuc.com, (909) 980-3535

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WOS Intros Biodegradable Ultrasonic Cleaner

#4042 Biodegradable Ultrasonic Cleaning Super Concentrated Solution
Top Line: WOS says ultrasonic cleaning units perform more effectively and efficiently with this biodegradable cleaning agent.
Close Up: Removes dust, dirt, oil and residue from lenses, bevels and spectacles. Frames and lenses do not need to be rinsed before drying. Use a few drops per tank.
Vital Stats: Four ounce super concentrate. Ecologically sensitive size saves on shipping. $12.00 per bottle.
www.westernoptical.com, (800) 423-3294

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