Remote Control Responses Help ECPs Test Vision More Accurately

Precision Vision’s Interactive Vision Assessment (IVA)
Top Line: Unlike the verbal responses patients have traditionally given to indicate whether or not they could accurately see the letter charts that have been used to test vision for over 150 years, the IVA gives patients a four-button remote control as their response unit. When patients see one of four possible Tumbling E positions (or one of four Landolt C positions, Patti Pic, or HOTV choices), they respond using the remote control. If the response is correct, the next stimulus is one step smaller. If the response is incorrect, the next stimulus is one step larger.
Close Up: Since the 1860s, eye care professionals (ECPs) have used letter charts to test vision, and although printed charts made way for projected charts and more recently computer monitors, this technique has not eliminated potential bias on the part of the ECP. If the patient initially says a line or letter is illegible, some ECPs will accept the response and move on, while others might encourage the patient to try a little harder to make out the letter. With its remote control response, the IVA seeks to eliminate any potential bias based on the ECP’s interaction with the patient. A graphical display of the interactive results allows the ECP to judge the consistency of the responses and to spot malingering.
Vital Stats: Developed by August Colenbrander, MD, the IVA system also offers letter charts in ETDRS format with a choice of standardized optotypes, and it can display fixation marks, phoria tests calibrated in prism diopters, various Amsler grids, or a Worth 4-dot test.

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Eschenbach Intros Compact, Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Illuminated Bright Field Magnifier
Top Line: The new MenasLUX from Eschenbach is a new compact, illuminated stand magnifier that provides 3x (12D) magnification in a contemporary design. Due to its unique lens, the MenasLUX has a wide 63mm (2.5 in) diameter lens that provides a generous field of view.
Close Up: The significant technology behind the MenasLUX is its unique meniscus/aspheric lens design that combines the benefit of a bright field magnifier (a comfortable eye-to-lens viewing distance) with the benefit of offering a higher magnification than the typical 2x magnification that is available on standard bright field magnifiers. As an illuminated magnifier, the MenasLUX is one of the lightest on the market (only 4.5 oz) since it only requires one AA battery to operate the SMD LED. The LEDs provide the brightest light, last 10,000 hours, and use less battery energy so batteries last longer.
Vital Stats: A drawstring pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth is included and a free point-of-purchase display is available with the purchase of two MenasLUX’s.
www.eschenbach.com; (800) 487-5389

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KeraSoft IC Online Training Videos

KeraSoft IC Step-byStep Video Training
Top Line: UltraVision CLPL has launched a series of online training videos for KeraSoft IC, the specialist soft contact lens designed to give patients with keratoconus and other irregular cornea conditions clear, comfortable vision. A step-by-step guide of the whole KeraSoft IC fitting process is provided for the practitioner; from assessment of the cornea, through to making adjustments to the periphery of the lens.
Close Up: A range of close-ups of the lens on-eye enables the contact lens fitter to confidently identify an optimal, tight or flat fitting lens in practice. Grouped into Core Fitting modules the videos cover the fitting process for the majority of irregular corneas with minimal adjustment to the lens. The Completion section outlines the requirements for ordering the required lens and the Advanced Fitting modules guide the practitioner through more complex fitting cases. Complimentary fitting tools to use in the consulting room and useful clinical hints and tips from the Troubleshooting section are also available to download from the website. Presentation Certificates are available for practitioners who successfully complete the course and a short online multiple choice exam.
Vital Stats: The KeraSoft IC training videos are found on the dedicated training website www.kerasoft.co.uk/training and each user is provided with unique login details, allowing them the freedom to train at their individual pace.
www.ultravisiongroup.com ; +44 (0)1525 381112

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Salem Releases Versatile, High Performance Lens Polish

Aspire 900 Plastic Lens Polish
Top Line: Aspire 900 is a high performance plastic lens polish that is ideal for both digital and traditional plastic lens polishing applications. It has been precision engineered to provide superior removal rates and produce superior surface finishes on all types of plastic lens surfaces including standard plastic, high index and polycarbonate materials. Aspire 900 has been suspension treated to avoid hard settling making it easy to re-disperse upon shaking to ensure optimum performance.

Close Up:
Typical Physical Properties
  • Appearance...............White Slurry
  • pH...............................3.5 – 3.8
  • Baume (°)....................... 22 – 24
  • Particle Size (Horiba L A-950) D50 (μm)......1.3 – 1.6
  • Suspension Treated.................Yes
Vital Stats: Available in four gal/case; 144 gal/pallet, five gal/pail; 24 pails/pallet
www.salemdist.com; (800) 234-1982

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