Mei Systems Intros Laser Marker

EZ Marker
Top Line: EZ Marker is a solution for lens production labs that need to integrate in the generating/surfacing line a marker for invisible marks. The same machine can perform visible marks (logos, writings, etc.) allowing for maximum return on investment.
Close Up: The C02 Laser source allows the control of the output power with a resolution of 0.001w. This assures high engraving stability in all conditions and with all kinds of materials. The machine has a back curve detection system measuring the back surface in all engraving spots. With this data, the engraving program is able to calculate the lens curvature and the lens thickness. This device can perform the engraving without getting the surfacing map information from the generator.
The lens holder is moved by a four-axis system able reach all engraving positions quickly and precisely. Using the data from the back surface detection system, the device is able to maintain the engraving area perpendicular to the engraving beam and to maintain the perfect focal point in all engraving positions.
The machine can be easily converted for the engraving of visible brand names or logos to be done on the front surface of the lens. The lens holder is already prepared for standard surfacing blocks or for standard edging blocks.
While front engraving is selected another detection system is installed to measure the front curve position and calculate all engraving angles and focal distances.
Vital Stats: The machine interface is 100 percent OMA compatible, has a powerful and user friendly editor for the import and the design of any kind of logo.
Thanks to the fully automatic loading and unloading system the machine can be integrated in the surfacing line, can be placed before or after a Bisphera-XDD machine or can be loaded with standard Mei stacker de-stacker systems.

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M&S Technologies Offers Smart System Tablet

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Smart System Tablet
Top Line: M&S Technologies is introducing the Smart System Tablet, a sleek, wireless tablet that makes it easier to operate the company’s Smart System visual acuity testing system.
Close Up: Using the innovative Android system, the easy to learn interface allows the operator to focus fully on the patient. The same tablet can be used across multiple exam rooms.
Vital Stats: With seamless integration with auto-phoropters, patient education and the ability to run on the same system with EHR, Smart System 20/20 merges into the high tech practice providing validated contrast sensitivity, E-ETDRS, a selection of charts, optional glare testing, all controlled by a wireless and fully programmable remote.

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Animated Optomerist, Dr. Graham, Added to Hoya Video Lineup

A second digital character, Dr. Graham, is added to The Hoya Free-Form Company’s lineup.
Top Line: “Dr. Graham fills a role that has been open since Professor Murray came on board,” stated Ron Barnes, director of project marketing. “She is a female voice speaking from the ECP’s perspective. Her primary role is to complement Professor Murray’s character and to take on more serious topics when she speaks to ECPs and patients.”
Dr. Graham’s first assignment is to announce Hoya’s Distortion-Free Optics.
Close Up: In her inaugural two-minute 15-second video, Dr. Graham explains how Distortion-Free Optics integrates four key components – lens materials, design, treatment and Avantek mounting system. This is the first system that is completely stress-free to preserve the precision optics of the Hoya Free-Form lenses. The video is currently on Hoya’s YouTube Channel.
Vital Stats: ECPs are welcome to share the video with their patients by reposting the link from Hoya’s FaceBook page to their own Facebook page.

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EyeDispense Adds Co-branding Feature With Corporate Logo

EyeDispense App
Top Line: EyeDispense, the new Video Dispensing App for Optical Professionals has released the latest version of its successful dispensing tool for opticians.
Close Up: Designed by Edinburgh-based optometrist David Crystal, this portable ophthalmic dispensing application is the latest high-tech tool for successful video dispensing, giving clients with poor vision an easy and enjoyable way to select a frame.
Utilizing iPad 2’s rear camera, the App allows the operator to take four different three-second video clips, for the client to compare their frame choices at a glance. The choices can be emailed or uploaded to Facebook, should they want their friends’ or family’s approval.
Easy to set up through the settings panel in EyeDispense, the optician’s logo appears in the top right of the interface and on the shared images generated by the App.
Vital Stats: Available through the App Store worldwide, the new EyeDispense Application includes a customization feature, allowing the optician to co-brand the App with their corporate logo.
The EyeDispense App for iPad 2 is now available for download at

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