Flickering Eyewear Trains Athletes

Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear
Top Line: Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe Eyewear flickers between clear and blocked vision to train an athlete’s brain to anticipate what’s coming when the eyes are blocked. A scoring system designed to measure athleticism, SPARQ is an acronym for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness, and Nike’s SPARQ Sensory Performance is a system of technologies, products and programs designed to assess, analyze and improve an athlete’s visual and sensory performance.
Close Up: Recent studies at Duke University and Southern Utah University have shown that training with the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe improved athletes’ ability to pick up subtle motion cues, visual information processing and timing of motion.
Vital Stats: Features include an adjustable head strap for a secure fit and liquid-crystal lens technology with variable speeds for different levels of training.
Contact: (855) 870-6778 or NSSTsupport@nike.com

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iPad App Makes Vision Training Fun for Children With Amblyopia

Captain Lazy Eye for iPad
Top Line: Software developer, IdeaBus Inc. partnered with Sharon Chuang, MD, former ophthalmology department director of both Chungua Christian Hospital and Chungshan Medical University in Taiwan to create the first ever amblyopia and vision correctional assistance software “Captain Lazy Eye,” on iPad.
Close Up: Captain Lazy Eye turns correctional training into fun games wrapped in a welcoming pirate theme, enticing children to patch their eyes like pirates and conduct necessary occlusion exercises in order to achieve training goals. It transforms what used to be dreary eyeball exercises into fun and interactive games they can learn from, while the adventurous pirate stories turn the occlusion into a enjoyable role-play experience.
Vital Stats: The App is even able to record the children’s training status and results on a graph which enables parents to immediately check on their children’s progress while also allowing the physician to have an accurate training log for reference during regular clinical visits.
www.ideabus.com.tw/lazyeye; click here for link to App store; +886-4-23015352

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Vistakon Updates Acuvue e-Commerce Site

Product: Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, has given its www.orderacuvue.com e-commerce site a facelift, adding additional features to enhance the ordering experience for Acuvue Brand Contact lenses, and to provide more tools for eye care professionals to manage their patient information.
Top Line: Among the new features—streamlined navigation, more patient management tools, ease of entry on direct ship orders, and additional payment options.
Close Up: The simplified site features Ratings & Reviews, detailing wearer experiences as well as ECP experiences in providing fitting solutions for CL patients. Doctors can read and write reviews here. Acuvue contact lens educational videos, which link to Acuvue’s YouTube channel are helpful for 24-hour patient support and can be shown to patients in-office. Links are also prominent for Acuvue’s Acuminder “reminder’ system.
Vital Stats: The e-commerce site also offers a link to J&J Vision Care’s ECP Home Page, which provides a review of all products, special promotions and links to the company’s full array of ECP resources and services, including The Vision Care Institute, Chief Executive Optometrist and links to more doctor/staff videos.

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Snapit Screw Awarded Utility Patent

Product: Snapit Frame Screw
Top Line: The Snapit Frame Screw, distributed exclusively in North America by OptiSource International, has been awarded U.S. patent #8070403 for utility (also referred to as a patent for invention). According to OptiSource, the U.S. Patent Office decisively granted the patent based on more than 60 claims, according to OptiSource. Snapit was also awarded Australian patent #2011101044; additional patents are pending in more than 30 countries and issuances are expected shortly, the company said.
Close Up: Snapit screws are used in hinges and eyewires for repairs, assembly, and mounting. The elongated feeder tab attached to the end of the eyeglass screw allows one to easily pick up, align, drop the screw into the hinge, tighten and snap it off.
Vital Stats: OptiSource sells Snapit’s26 hinge and eyewire designs. Plans are in place to grow the Snapit line to approximately 40 screw sizes that will fit every type of frame, the company said.

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