4iiii Innovations Offers Heads-up Display System for Athletes

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Sportiiiis (pronounced Sport Eyes)
Top Line: Sportiiiis is a heads-up display that attaches to virtually any pair of sunglasses. The compact unit displays critical performance data through seven multi-colored LEDs on a small boom that is positioned just outside your primary visual plane, allowing you to be safe and focused on the road while monitoring data. Sportiiiis also provides audible data cues for precise feedback when needed.
Close Up: Using the Mac, PC or Smartphone software, the LEDs can be programmed to visually respond to data from ANT+ devices. For example, when paired with a heart rate strap, you can create a custom setup for how the LEDs will respond to your heart rate (or load a preset workout based on your personal data). This workout program is then downloaded to the Sportiiiis unit. During your workout when your heart rate has reached your target zone (145-155 BPM in this example) the center LED will slowly blink green. If your heart rate drops below your target (120-145 BPM) the Yellow LED to the left will begin to blink, indicating you have dropped out of your target zone. If your heart rate climbs above your target (155-165 BPM) the Yellow LED to the right will begin to blink indicating you are over your target. If your heart rate continues to climb the Orange and Red LEDs to the right will let you know exactly what's going on. In addition, with Sportiiiis' Tip-Tap technology, a tap on the side of the unit will will generate an audible cue of your exact heart rate. And a double-tap will switch between paired sensors. Similar display profiles are possible for power, cadence and speed.
Vital Stats: Accessories include combo speed/cadence sensor for bike; heart rate sensor; footpod sensor. Sold through 4iiii web site and through authorized retailers. Retail prices start at $199.

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A&A Optical Launches MarketMyPractice Web Resource Center

After months of testing with customers, A&A Optical  has launched anew marketing resource center, Market My Practice, a site built especially for A&A customers.
Top Line: "The goal of the new resource-rich center is to help our ECPs grow product turn, save money and build brand equity in their local markets," points out Juli Ann Radmanesh, marketing manager of A&A. Market My Practice allows ECPs to build personalized, professional looking marketing pieces for events, promotions and the brands they carry. The site also allows A&A's ECPs the opportunity to find new patients and build onto their existing address lists by using an extensive consumer database.
Close Up: Direct mail templates, customizable mailers and ads for key brands and a range of other tools are available on the new site.
Vital Stats: A&A accounts can see the new Market My Practice center via A&A's home page and by logging in with their A&A account number and password, or first-time users can click to receive a password or complete a registration form.

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Optikam Web iPad App. Now Available at the Apple App Store

Optikam iPad App
Top Line: Optikam Tech, the Montreal-based manufacturer of the Optikam system, is releasing a new iPad application. The Optikam Web application brings the Optikam kiosk features to the iPad, transforming the kiosk into a powerful multi-station tool.
Close Up: Users can access saved customer profiles anywhere in their store directly from their iPad. There is no more need to be in front of the Optikam system to look up customer information. The new app also allows users to control the Optikam camera directly from the iPad. Capture centration images or load already saved centration profiles to perform the measurements from anywhere in the office.
The powerful Optikam Lens Module on the iPad can be used to demonstrate the advantage of the premium lens options to customers. Lens benefits can be showcased without the need to be in front of the Optikam system.
Vital Stats: Current Optikam owners can immediately benefit from this enhancement by clicking the upgrade button in the system configuration panel. The Optikam Web app is available at the Apple App Store.; (888) 356-3311

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Arch Crown 2012 Op-Tag & Label Catalog Features Innovative Tags and Technology Products

Arch Crown 2012 Op-Tag & Label Catalog
Top Line: Arch Crown has released its 2012 catalog featuring a quality line of stock, pre-printed and custom printed tags and labels.
Close Up: Among the new products included in catalog:
  • The Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Mark III-A desktop printer. The Mark lll-A is economical to operate, requires minimum power, reduces material waste, easy-to-install, easy-to operate, and can lower material costs.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions for marketing and inventory control allow opticians and optometrists to easily track sales and reconcile inventory with the use of Smart Tags without removing frames from wall and display showcases.
  • Honeywell bar code wireless scanner features Bluetooth technology and 2D scanners have the capability of scanning QR and driver license codes. Users can create and print personalized QR (Quick Response) bar codes with Labelview software or Arch Crown can print them.
Vital Stats: Free tech support is available from authorized factory trained technicians. For samples and a new catalog , contact Arch Crown at:; email:; (800) 526-8353

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