AIT Unveils S-Tracer Lab Tracer

Top Line: AIT Industries is introducing a new lab tracer, the S-Tracer.
Close Up: The S-Tracer’s unique design eliminates the use of spring tension, gravity and other tracing methods predominant today to deliver the most precise measurements and shape reproduction, according to AIT Technologies.
“The quality of finished eyewear starts from the beginning with the trace. The S-Tracer’s ability to provide precise measurements will improve productivity in the finishing room and final assembly,” said Matthew Vulich, vice president, marketing for AIT Technologies.
Vital Stats: The S-Tracer has advanced features including a high base-curve wrap frame tracing function with a 30mm vertical strike, a fast trace function, smart trace function for small sharp cornered shapes and a unique manual mode for off-centered frames.; (800) 729-1959

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Eyenavision Releases Eyenavision Hi-Vex Lens

Eyenavision Hi-Vex Lens
Top Line: Eyenavision is releasing the “Eyenavision Hi-Vex,” a new type of semi-finished lens that is capable of being surfaced by optical labs for multiple lens applications. Named for the lens material Hi-Vex, Eyenavision Hi-Vex semi-finished lenses are ideal for surfacing jobs ranging from high cylinder single vision prescriptions to digitally surfaced lenses utilizing the latest free form designs. Eyenavision Hi-Vex can also be surfaced to 0.8mm at the edge making it the only prescription lens material for free-form add powers utilizing the Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering System.
Close Up: Eyenavision Hi-Vex lenses are made from the same material as the highly successful Chemistrie+ finished reader lenses already sold by Eyenavision. Now labs will be able to fully leverage their digital surfacing capabilities by offering free-form lens designs made from Eyenavision Hi-Vex and surfaced to a 0.8mm edge thickness, making the lens perfect for the Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering System. Eyenavision Hi-Vex surfaced to a 0.8mm thickness for use as a Chemistrie layered lens will be marketed by Eyenavision under the product name “Progressive On Demand.”
Vital Stats: According to Eyenavision, Hi-Vex has excellent tensile strength combined with strong optics (46 Abbe value), making it an ideal lens material for drill mounts and frames requiring grooved lenses. Eyenavision Hi-Vex has a refractive index of 1.56 and is recommended for powers ranging from -6.00D through +4.00D. These semi-finished lenses are available in base curves of 0 and 2 through 8.

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DocPIES Launches iPad App Designed to Improve Patient Experience and Education

DocPIES EyeCare
Top Line: DocPIES, based in Irvine, Calif., is introducing DocPIES EyeCare, an iPad application devoted to in-office patient education and communication. The app is designed for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. PIES is an acronym for Patient Interview, Education & Survey.
Close Up: The DocPIES EyeCare app enables eyecare practices to use the power of the Apple iPad to educate patients about procedures and increase sales of ophthalmic products. The DocPIES app, for example, can also be used to train patients on patient care procedures such as how to put on contact lenses for the first time.
Built in a modular fashion, the DocPIES EyeCare app features two modules that are valuable for any innovative, growing practice.
  • Integrated Patient Check-In. DocPIES is the first iPad application to integrate patient education within the Patient Check-In process. Instead of handing patients a clipboard, pencil and paper-based check-in form, patients fill out a “Patient Interview” on the iPad which dynamically delivers questions and patient education based on the patient’s answers enhancing the practitioners understanding of patients’ needs and lifestyle.
  • Patient Experience Surveys. To assist the practice in automating patient feedback, DocPIES EyeCare features a Patient Experience Survey based on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) protocol from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a U.S. Government agency.
“The DocPIES EyeCare app on an iPad offers practitioners the unique ability to engage and educate patients in a cost effective, affordable manner, ultimately elevating a patient’s impression of their office,” said Blaine Ung, president of DocPIES.
Vital Stats: The DocPIES iPad app is unique in that it can only be purchased directly from the DocPIES website and is not sold through the consumer iTunes store.

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Western Optical Supply Releases Universal Nut Grabber

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Office Model Universal Nut Grabber #5075
Top Line: Western Optical Supply has reengineered its Universal Nut Grabber.
Close Up: This unique tool features an expandable jaw that automatically grips any size or shape lock nut, hex nut, star nut, cap nut or round nut, according to Western Optical Supply. The Universal Screw and Nut Grabber doubles as a screw starter. Placing a screw in the self-closing jaws makes it easy to thread even the smallest screw into the hardest to reach places. The more pressure you apply, the tighter the grip on the screw.
Vital Stats: Made in the USA. $19.00.; (800) 423-3294

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