Santinelli Debuts Compact, Industrial Robotic Finishing System

AES-2200 Industrial Robotic Finishing System
Top Line: Santinelli is introducing the AES-2200 industrial robotic finishing system. This high volume and high production platform will more than double the standard throughput of previous robotic finishing offerings from Santinelli in a small, compact footprint.
Close Up: The AES-2200 incorporates two of the company’s new “24/7” industrial edger units, the SE-9090 Supra, introducing in-chamber grooving and customizable shelf beveling capabilities. Additionally, the high-base curve edging and custom beveling capabilities of the company’s previous industrial model (the SE-9090 Express+) are incorporated into the AES-2200. The unit’s robust, dual-spindle wheel configuration is another highly-valued, continued feature.
The robotic system utilizes a unique hybrid design combination of conveyer belt and a dynamic tray-lifting mechanism that eliminates job “bottle necking” and allows four jobs to be in a processing stage continually. Moreover, the intelligent synchronization of the system is capable of bypassing any problematic job tray, while keeping the other edger units operating at full efficiency. New, lightweight “dual robotic arms” reduce lens transport time from tray to chuck by over fifty percent.
Vital Stats: According to Gerard Santinelli, company president and CEO, the AES-2200 system provides “the best jobs-per-square-foot ratio ever introduced.”; (800) 644-3343

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Eyenavision Offers Thin, Semi-Finished, Free-form Blanks

“Progressive on Demand”
Top Line: Eyenavision is now offering its new Chemistrie Hi-Vex lenses to optical labs as semi-finished lens blanks that can be digitally surfaced wafer thin (.8mm at the edge) so that the finished lenses can be magnetically attached using its Chemistrie system. The company is calling the finished digital free-form lenses "Progressive on Demand."
Close Up: Eyenavision’s lab customers can use the Chemistrie Hi-Vex lens blanks for digital free-form applications as the primary lens. This will enable the patient to receive the optical clarity, tensile strength, and UV protection provided by Hi-Vex in a 1.56 index lens with a 46 Abbe value.
Vital Stats: Progressive on Demand technology solves several common problems in vision correction for presbyopes. “Patients with apprehension or adaptation problems will be more comfortable with progressive lenses they can apply at will. Progressive-on-Demand is ideal for patients with active lifestyles, golfers, or those needing instant access to their peripheral vision such as professional drivers,” commented Dennis G. Zelazowski, chief innovation officer of Eyenavision.; (888) 321-3939

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KyberVision Intros Visual Acuity App for iPad

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Visual Acuity XL for iPad
Top Line: Visual Acuity XL for iPad (including the new iPad with its "Retina Display" which is mandatory for measuring Near Visual Acuity) is KyberVision's mobile solution for vision care specialists. It brings computerized versions of the "gold standard" acuity testing on this popular mobile platform in the clinical environment and it provides an efficient and reliable assessment of visual acuity for literate and illiterate people as well as preschool children. Moreover, Visual Acuity XL promotes the use of the logMAR chart design recommended by the National Eye Institute (NEI) and the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) to address design flaws in the Snellen chart.

Close Up: Visual Acuity XL for iPad has many useful features for the clinical environment:
  • Interactive LogMAR charts in landscape and portrait modes
  • Randomized design to prevent subjects to memorize the test
  • Near and Far Visual Acuity Assessment (Retina Display in new iPad supported)
  • Mirror and TV-Out modes
  • Custom luminance level
  • Keep track of visual acuity history, subject/patient information and prescription
  • Exporting of acuity data through email in HTML format
  • Units conversion tool
  • Built-in and online PDF and iBooks documentation
  • Information about common eye conditions you can share with your patient/subject
  • Free remote control app Visual Acuity Remote for iPhone or iPod touch
Numerous options are also available to customize acuity testing:
  • Simple or ETDRS acuity scoring
  • Charts composed either of single letter, single line or multiple lines
  • Standard optotypes (Landolt C, Tumbling E, Sloan, HOTV)
  • Standard acuity units (foot, meter, decimal, VAR, logMAR, cpd)
  • Black letter on white background or reverse
  • Confusion bars
  • 4 or 8 orientations for C and E optotypes
  • Distance units and viewing distance up to 8 meters (26 feet)
Vital Stats: The Visual Acuity App is available from the Apple Store for $49.99. An optional and free companion app Visual Acuity Remote for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that remotely controls Visual Acuity XL over Bluetooth or WiFi is also available.

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Kowa Optimed Revamps Its Website

Kowa Optimed Website
Top Line: Kowa Optimed has redesigned its website and added some user-friendly tools and features. With the new layout and design, viewers will discover clearly labeled tabs which help navigation and allow for information to be accessed much quicker and easier. For example, up to date press releases and summaries of each release are now presented by title.
Close Up: A new section allows users to know of upcoming events where Kowa Optimed will be exhibiting its new products. The new website also includes a contact page where buyers, clients, job seekers and others can leave their information and comments and expect a timely response. Also, viewers will soon have the ability to chat directly online with a support specialist. Another new feature allows viewers to sign up Kowa Optimed’s webinars.
Vital Stats: The updated website makes it simple to find links to Kowa Optimed’s Twitter, Facebook and blogs on the homepage.

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