Costa Sunglasses Intros 'Seg Snake'

Costa Seg Snake
Top Line: Eyecare practitioners (ECPs) know segment height measurements differ from eye to eye, and obtaining the proper measurement through a mirrored or dark sun lens can pose a challenge. As a solution, Costa introduces its proprietary “Seg Snake” to the optical industry as unique tool to allow for more precise segment height measurement for a truly customized adaptable Rx sun lens fitting.
Close Up: The Costa Seg Snake features a six-inch flexible arm with a built-in light bulb on one end that inserts comfortably around the backside of a selected Costa Sunglass. Once inserted, the bulb illuminates the backside of the lens and allows a clear view of the pupil, resulting in a quick and accurate segment height measurement for each individual patient.
“When you’re fitting a patient for a pair of Rx sun lenses, measurement accuracy is paramount,” said Renato Cappuccitti, director of sales for Costa’s Rx sun lens division. “By designing and providing our ECPs with a tool to accurately measure a more specific segment height, they’re able to better assess the patient’s sun lens prescription and ensure higher quality in the finished result.” Vital Stats: The Costa Seg Snake is complimentary to each authorized Costa optical retailer for use in their business. The company also developed a brief informational how-to video to fully illustrate the Seg Snake’s use.
www.costadelmar.com; 855-COSTARX (855-267-8279)

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Solutionreach Offers Appointment Reminders via Voice Messaging

SRVoice from Solutionreach
Top Line: Solutionreach is debuting SRVoice, a new service that delivers appointment reminders via a natural-sounding, automated phone message. The system allows patients to easily confirm and/or cancel their appointments.
Close Up: Although Solutionreach already offers automated patient email and text-messaging, SRVoice is a designed for patients who prefer to be reached by traditional telephone, allowing eye care professionals to connect with all their patients efficiently.
"SRVoice is an incredible asset to any eye care professional," said Jim Higgins, founder and CEO of Solutionreach. "By easily implementing this service, ECP's are going the extra mile to not only streamline their office, but also improve patient satisfaction. SRVoice is just one more way we can help practices to remain efficient and connected with their patients as technology evolves."
Vital Stats: Eye care practices can easily integrate the SRVoice service into their existing practice management system and have it up and running quickly, according to Solutionreach.
www.solutionreach.com; 866-605-6867

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TheRightContact.com Offers New Online CL Resource

A new website which is a search engine with a robust infrastructure that allows for detailed searches yielding results on over 2,000 contact lens products from more than 150 different contact lens manufacturers.
Top Line: A new tool targeting contact lens prescribers, TheRightContact.com was developed by optometrist Jason E. Compton, OD, also president/CEO. The site is designed to provide users easily accessible and current information regarding contact lenses and contact lens care products.
Close Up: The Right Contact Team has also developed a new method for prescribers to research this information enabling users to search and compare lenses (as well as lens care products) on dozens of preferred and relevant parameters.
Vital Stats: The site also provides other services encompassing other information needs for eye care professionals, regardless of the level or stage of their career. Along with parameter and fitting guides, theRightcontact.com is designed to be a valuable information portal with a social element that unites users through the sharing of news, articles, patient care assistance and other pertinent industry-related data.

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Eyefinity Supports Use of OfficeMate/ExamWriter for iPad

OfficeMate/ExamWriter iPad App
Top Line: OfficeMate/ExamWriter is now supported on Apple iPad.
Close Up: Through the offering, Eyefinity/OfficeMate clients will be able to use their iPad to access a computer running OfficeMate/ExamWriter in their practice through a remote desktop protocol (RDP) app.
“Using an iPad allows the provider to easily enter information right into their practice management or electronic health records system as they talk with the patient, rather than turning away to enter it into a laptop,” said James Kirchner, OD, chief professional officer for Eyefinity. “We’re very pleased to be able to support this technology for our clients as it will enhance the patient experience they deliver.”
Vital Stats: OfficeMate/ExamWriter clients can login at www.officemate.net/ipad.aspx to learn more.
www.officemate.net; (800) 852-7600

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