Meisystem Offers Inspection and Loading Device for Bisphera-XDD

TBA External Device for Bisphera-XDD Edger
Top Line: Meisystem's TBA is an external device that is integrated into our Bisphera-XDD edger. Combined, these allow the machine to optically inspect lenses, determine the geometric center, and load the lenses for edging without the need of a finishing block. This is done through a loading arm that picks round, and oval, lenses from the job tray, places them into an inspection unit equipped with digital vision devices, orients the lens based on the prescription axis and optical center, and places the lenses in correct orientation for edging.
Close Up: The inspection system can recognize visible and semi-visible marks, as well as all ophthalmic parameters required by the job. The system is able to measure, compare, and present the spherical power, cylindrical power, axis, and prism to the prescription data received from the server. The inspection system also checks the frame layout against the lens blank to determine if it will cut out. With the integrated TBA unit, the Bisphera-XDD is ready for lenses to arrive unblocked and face up in the job tray.

The unit's advantages include:
  • Reduced consumable costs: No more finishing blocks, leap pads, or any lens protective films
  • Reduced labor costs and non-value added processes: No more lens inspection/ spot-up, putting pads on blocks and removing them, blocking lenses, or de-blocking lenses
  • Reduced defects on super hydrophobic lenses: No more crazing defects caused by de-blocking the lens and slipping on the block
  • Reduced lens loading errors: No more mis-loaded lenses due to lenses moving in the job tray from conveyor vibration, loader misalignment, decentered lenses
Vital Stats: The lens inspection and loading system works simultaneously with the edging process, so the overall edging cycle is unaffected.; (847) 357-0323

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Precision Vision Offers New Bailey Lovie Charts

Variable Contrast/ 6-Meter (20 ft.) Bailey Lovie Eye Chart Set (Cat. No. 5000)
Top Line: The charts standardize the test task so that size is the only significant variable from one row to the next. There are five letters per row, between-letter and between-row spacings equal to letter size, size progresses by a constant ratio (0.1 log unit = 1,26x), and letter difficulties are balanced for each row.
Close Up: The difference in the number of letters read on the high and low contrast charts provides a measure of the slope of the contrast sensitivity function.
The charts come as a set of two panels (21x24inches, 53x60cm) each with a high contrast chart one side and a low contrast chart (18 percent Weber or 10 percent Michelson) on the other. The optotype set is the family of ten British Standard (1968) 5x4 non-serifed letters. There are 14 rows with a range of sizes from 38 to 1.9 M-units. Sizes are given in Snellen units (in both feet and metric units), as well as visual acuity values in LogMAR and VAR (Visual Acuity Rating) for a 6-meter viewing distance. Any other viewing distance may be used as well. A scale printed on each chart provides the score adjustment for different test distances. With the LogMAR and VAR scales, equal credit is given for each additional letter read (each extra letter earns -0.02 with LogMAR, or one point with VAR).
Vital Stats: Price to eyecare practitioner: $180; (800) 772-9211

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ODLean Upgrades Website

ODLean Website
Top Line: The Vision Care Institute has made a series of improvements to its ODLean Consulting Program Website (, including new features and easier navigation. The ODLean Consulting Program applies lean principles for eye care practitioners to grow a practice's patient base and manage patient flow for optimal retention, referral and revenue. ODLean offers customized solutions to any-sized eye care practice that will increase productivity, improve patient experience, and boost profits immediately and sustainably.
Close Up: Visitors to the website are able to learn about ODLean product offerings, read published articles, and view videos and client and patient testimonials. Linked to social media sites Facebook and YouTube, the ODLean website connects visitors to the latest findings and trends from ODLean experts on the topics of productivity, marketing and patient experience.
" offers an information portal for eyecare practitioners to learn how to improve patient experience, increase patient traffic, staff satisfaction, and practice productivity, and ultimately realize greater profitability," said Scott Lovin, general manager, ODLean Consulting.
Vital Stats: The site also provides information about upcoming events and conventions ODLean will be hosting or attending, and features a client portal, which houses business analytics and is accessible to current ODLean customers and alumni.

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Signet Armorlite Launches New Website

Signet Armorlite's New Website
Top Line: Signet Armorlite (SA) is debuting its new corporate website, With the new site, the lens maker expands its message of Kodak Lenses as "Vivid Solutions for Life" for optical patients and eyecare professionals.
Close Up: The Kodak Lens subsite gives in-depth information about Kodak Lenses including Kodak Unique Progressive Lenses. Patients can learn about the wearing experience for all Kodak Progressive Lenses. Eyecare Professionals may visit this section to discover the features and benefits of Kodak Lenses as well as view product literature and videos.
The Professionals subsite is divided into two sections: Eyecare Professionals (ECPs) and Optical Lab Professionals (LabTech Pros). To continue Signet Armorlite's dedication to the independent practitioner, the ECPs section offers information regarding the various programs, tools and resources to help ECPs grow their practices.
The LabTech Pros section focuses on providing technical tools and resources to optical lab and technical professionals. Among the resources, is the online product catalog where optical lab professionals can easily search for up-to-date lens specifications, barcodes and base curve selection charts. Information regarding material processing and optical supply offerings is also available.
"Signet Armorlite recognizes that many of our customers and their patients rely on the Internet for optical information," stated Brad Staley, SA president. "The new website allows Signet Armorlite to communicate up-to-date information about our company and its products."

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