Anoto Offers Digital Pen

Anoto Digital Pen and Paper Technology
Top Line: Anoto Digital Pen and Paper Technology is a mobile data capture solution in which the user device behaves like an ordinary pen but actually “reads” handwriting and translates it into computer-readable code. Using regular paper, the software prints a subtle pattern of barely visible black dots onto the background of a practice’s forms. To the naked eye, that dot pattern looks like light shading on the form. But the digital pen reads the dots to determine which form is being completed and how to store the information. The system collects information at the point of service and allows the healthcare provider’s existing paper based forms to be converted and used as digital forms.
Close Up: New or existing patients are asked to fill out appropriate check-in information on their pre-printed form using a digital pen. The completed form and the pen are returned to the front office, where staff docks the pen. All information written with the digital pen is instantly downloaded to the computer, where it is accessible to the doctor who will meet the patient. As doctors examine their patients, they are able to view all relevant information, including medical history, notes, laboratory and radiology tests, medication and other vital data. During the examination, the doctor charts the patient’s history and makes exam notations using the digital pen.
Vital Stats: There is almost no user training required for the digital pen and front office personnel no longer need to spend valuable time manually inputting patient data into a computer. Plus, the added efficiency enables the organization to serve more patients per day without adding resources, creating a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Another advantage of the pen is that it’s small and mobile. And, unlike laptops, it doesn’t interfere with the interaction between the patient and the clinician. The pen doesn’t have a user interface that a clinician can get lost in, taking his or her attention away from the patient.

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Diversified Ophthalmics’ Practice Maximus Software Integrates With VisionWeb

Diversified Ophthalmics’ Practice Maximus optometric software
Top Line: Diversified Ophthalmics’ Practice Maximus is now integrated with the VisionWeb ophthalmic product ordering service, enabling eyecare professionals to place orders with any of VisionWeb’s lab partners directly from this optometric management software.
Close Up: The two companies have collaborated innovatively for years, as far back as a decade ago when Diversified, as one of VisionWeb’s early partners, was the first to offer ECPs the option to order both soft contact lenses and eyeglass lenses through the VisionWeb portal.
Vital Stats: In addition to integrating with VisionWeb, the EHR-certified Practice Maximus software enables ECPs to earn $44,000 in rebates from the EHR Medicare Incentive Program. Other capabilities include accounts receivable, appointment scheduling, patient and insurance billing, patient record maintenance, electronic claims processing, recall capabilities, electronic mail messaging, real time inventory, multiple location capability and a drawing feature.;

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VSP Vision Care Overhauls Website to Create Enhanced User Experience

Redesigned Website
Top Line: VSP Vision Care has launched a completely redesigned website at, making it easier and faster for visitors to find the information most important to them.
Close Up: After listening to more than 100 hours of customer service calls to determine how members and first-time visitors use, the newly launched site now features more intuitive navigation and a fresh look and feel.
“We worked in lock-step with our award-winning customer service team to identify ways to simplify a user’s experience. For example, the clicks required to find a doctor in your area has been cut in half,” said Dave Dess, vice president of marketing, VSP Vision Care. “Over time, we expect the new site to reduce customer service calls by at least 10 percent. And since the recent redesign, we’ve already seen call time dedicated to technical issues decrease to allow more conversation about VSP services.”
Vital Stats: Other site enhancements include mobile optimization, making it easier for members to access their account, promotions and Member ID card while on-the-go, as well as cleaner navigation in both the Benefits Manager and Broker portals allowing access to the most popular information more quickly.
In celebration of its new digital digs, VSP is hosting a sweepstake on its Facebook page to give one lucky winner their own head-to-toe modern makeover. For more information, visit

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Tech Optics Offers Focusable Near Task-Vision Loupe

Focusable Near Task-Vision Loupe
Top Line: Tech Optics has released an economically priced, focusable near task-vision loupe.
Close Up:
  • Worn like spectacles and easy to adjust
  • Focusable working distance between 10 to 17 inches
  • Hard coated optics with 2.5X magnification
  • Fine focusing on both telescopes
  • Adjustable pupilary distance
  • Adjustable nose pads for height and comfort
  • Widest field of view (3 inches)
  • Aspheric (distortion free) and achromatic (color correct)

Vital Stats:
Economically priced; call for professional/wholesale pricing.; (800) OPTICS-7

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