PV Express Deposits Premium Quality Optical Coatings In Fast Cycle Time

PV Precision Optical Coating System
Top Line: The PV Precision from UK-based Power Vision Ltd. is an affordable optical coating system that coats small batches of substrates with fast cycle times.
Close Up: The standard substrate carrier has six positions for mounting substrates in a vertical configuration. Special substrate tooling can be provided to maximize coating throughput and accommodate specific component types. The system incorporates a vacuum load lock for high throughput and low maintenance whilst maintaining vacuum conditions suitable for precise and high quality deposition. Door to door time to deposit a typical nine-layer BBAR is approximately 20 minutes.
Vital Stats: The new system coats six substrates up to 100mm square. It uses a patented magnetron sputtering process to deposit premium quality coatings with exceptional density, adhesion and refractive index. In contrast to other small systems, the standard system is equipped with two target materials with the option for a three-material configuration. Additionally the system uses a highly optimized plasma source to provide excellent in-situ plasma cleaning whilst also providing in-process ion bombardment. The standard system is optimized with a low temperature process, designed to coat temperature sensitive materials including standard plastic, polycarbonate and PET. This process is also ideally suited to producing low stress coatings on a number of conventional substrates such as glass, silicon and metals. The system can be installed with an optional substrate heater, allowing for high temperature deposition up to 500°C and also a Meissner trap for vapor critical processes. This makes the PV Precision versatile and suited for a number of applications such as anti-reflection coatings, transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) color/IR filters, visible and thermal control coatings and thin films for photovoltaic applications.; 44 (0)1270 253000

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New Software Interface Allows Bi-directional Integration of Vmax PSF Refractor With MaximEyes SQL HER

Software Interface for Vmax PSF Refractor and MaximEyes SQL HER Integration
Top Line: Vmax Vision and First Insight have created a software interface that allows bi-directional integration for exchanging examination data with the Vmax PSF Refractor and First Insight’s flagship software, MaximEyes SQL Certified HER.
Close Up: The new software interface allows a PSF refraction exam to be launched from the EHR. The PSF permits the operator to choose auto refraction, manifest refraction or lens refraction as the starting point for the refraction exam. The PSF also features a direct comparison of the quality of vision of the final PSF Rx to any of the input data set Rx, showing the superior vision provided by the PSF refraction. The connection with an EHR eliminates manual data entry or human errors.
“In partnering with Vmax Vision, First Insight continues its dedication to expand EHR functionalities and partner equipment integrations that will enhance office efficiencies,” said Nitin Rai, president of First Insight. “This two-way integration provides an easy and quick way for practices to export data to and from MaximEyes SQL EHR and the Vmax PSF Refractor."
Shui Lai, PhD, CEO of Vmax Vision, remarked, “The new interface requires only one data entry, simultaneously eliminating the risk of importation errors, saving time for practices, while providing practices and patients with the increased precision of a subjective refraction from the PSF Refractor.”
Vital Stats: Introduced in April 2011, the PSF Refractor measures a patient’s subjective visual response to a point source, enabling a highly precise refraction to 0.05D—five times more precise than the traditional phoropter, according to Vmax Vision. The PSF Refraction corrects for higher-order aberrations and helps prevent over-misusing of prescriptions. In addition, the PSF Refraction enables the first true night vision correction, identifying and correcting night time-specific visual aberrations.
When combined with proprietary Encepsion Lenses from Vmax Vision, which incorporate advanced digital progressive and single vision lens designs and are the only lenses to incorporate the PSF Refraction, patients enjoy clarity, extra-wide fields of view, complete visual comfort, and a solution to night vision problems via a unique Rx and second pair of glasses.;

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Global EyeVentures Updates EyeXam App With New Features

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Next generation of EyeXam mobile app and web platform
Top Line: Global EyeVentures, in partnership with Eyefinity, is introducing the next generation of its EyeXam mobile app and web platform.
Close Up: “The new EyeXam app adds great value to the marketplace by offering many features to help eye doctors connect with patients, including an enhanced doctor directory, a GPS-based doctor locator, avenues for communicating with EyeXam users, and more,” said Nikki Iravani, OD, founder and CEO of Global EyeVentures. “The new EyeXam app enables eye doctors across the country to leverage the growing mobile technology to build and enhance relationships with new and existing patients.”

EyeXam’s new features include:
  • An enhanced doctor directory designed to promote eyecare and connect users with eyecare professionals
  • Self screening and ability to share results
  • A GPS-based doctor locator, which works off the user’s current location or an entered zip code. VSP providers are automatically listed in the directory. (Non-VSP providers can be listed for a fee.)
  • Live chat with doctors’ offices
In addition, consumers can manage appointments with the app and receive communications from their doctor, including reminders and targeted messages. Doctors can utilize a web-based dashboard to monitor app activity, access a list of everyone who has viewed the app, by email address, and connect with app users. Customized listings in the doctor directory are available for a subscription fee.
Vital Stats: The EyeXam app is available as a free download from The Apple Store. A version for Android smartphones will soon be available.; (408) 528-7100

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Top Line: has announced that it is now offering its services free of charge.
Close Up: Using a state-of-the-art website and mobile application, the company provides a comprehensive contact lens database. When the website was originally designed, users were able to register for a free trial, but were required to obtain a paid membership plan ($29.99 per year) once that time period elapsed. After receiving a recent sponsorship, The Right Contact, Inc. has decided to forward the benefits over to its users.
“This was a bold move by our executives, but we strongly feel that it was needed in this emerging online and mobile market,” said Jason E. Compton, OD, president of
Vital Stats: The registration structure is designed in 12-month cycles. At the end of the year, users will only be required to answer a short survey to renew their account. Times are changing and analysis shows that more and more people are turning to computers and mobile devices to find the information they need. The eyecare profession is no different. While traditional print sources have been used for decades, they are just unable to keep up with the constantly changing options within contact lens market. The Right Contact, Inc. is working very hard to continue to be a resource for the “next generation” contact lens professional. holds a database of more than 2,000 contact lens products from more than 150 manufacturers. Users can search and review products on dozens of criteria. In addition to the product information, the website keeps its users informed with news, articles, fitting tools, videos and social media connections.; (917) 658-7847

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