Mei System Offers Automatic Feeder for Bisphera Machines

Top Line: Mei System’s new EzLine automatic feeder is a flexible jobs management system able to handle the loading of an edging line of Mei’s Bisphera machines. EzLine receives the job trays from the factory conveyor or from Mei’s de-stacker, downloads the OMA edging data from the server, and handles the working load of the entire line. The control unit sends the job to the most free machine accordingly with job specification and machine capacity. The control unit has the map of the capacity of each machine and makes sure that every job is sent to a machine that can handle it.
Close Up: The EzLine automatic feeder is composed by a conveyor loop that comes with the machine and is controlled by the machine itself and computer running the line server program. Each machine is connected to the line with a network cable. No mechanical connection are required between the machines. At the entrance of each machine a barcode scanner reads the job ticket and decides if the tray has to stop or can proceed to the end of the line if it is already finished.
Vital Stats: The EzLine’s advantages include:
• Small footprint thanks to the use of a single line for all done and undone jobs.
• Easy machine maintenance access thanks to the position of the main conveyor very close to the loading area.
• Easy and flexible reconfiguration of the line: the installation of a new machine is very easy and do not require installation.
• The EzLine is quiet and safe because it doesn’t use chains to carry the trays
• The EzLine can be used with machines with Mei’s TBA inspection and loading system
• Having the possibility to define the ability of each machine enables the lab to plan tool replacement more efficiently
• The line server has a manual scanner that makes it easy to check the job status
• The ability to use both Bisphera and Doubler machines and having EzLine automatically sort out the jobs reduces the overall costs of the system.
Click here to get more technical information and see a video of the EzLine in action.

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VisionWeb Announces Ophthalmic Product Ordering Service Compatibility With Apple Safari Browser

Top Line: VisionWeb’s online ophthalmic product ordering service is now compatible with Apple Computer’s default web browser, Safari.
Close Up: Although Apple computers have become commonplace in many practices, Apple’s default web browser, Safari, has limited eye care provider’s ability to fully reap the benefits of online ophthalmic ordering through VisionWeb. With this new compatibility, VisionWeb hopes to make convenient online spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame ordering a reality for as many practices as possible, regardless of their technology preferences.
“VisionWeb’s ophthalmic product ordering service being compatible with Safari is very exciting news for eye care providers” said Julia Crawford, Director of Product Strategy at VisionWeb. “This new compatibility not only means that Mac users will no longer have to download additional software to order products on VisionWeb, but that eye care providers will also have more technology options to choose from when implementing new hardware.”
Vital Stats: VisionWeb’s Safari browser compatibility works for Apple desktops and laptops that use VisionWeb’s spectacle lens, contact lens, and frame ordering services, but it is not currently available for VisionWeb’s electronic claim filing service or Apple iPad and iPhone devices. VisionWeb’s new Safari compatibility also allows eye care providers who use Apple computers to take advantage of their full extent of VisionWeb’s product ordering services including 24/7 access to all order and archives, online order tracking and trace file uploading.
Eyecare providers who are not yet VisionWeb members can register for free at, or by contacting VisionWeb customer service at (800) 874-6601.

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Precision Tool Technologies Redesigns Website

Top Line: Precision Tool Technologies has redesigned its website. The site now features an online product catalog, expanded content on the company’s manufacturing facilities and capabilities, plus product videos, order forms and product instructions.
Close Up: The home page includes an updated listing of Precision Tool Technologies’ latest products for optical labs. The news and events feature is offers news articles, in depth product information and upcoming trade shows that the company will be attending.
Vital Stats: On the bottom of the home page, visitors to the site can submit their email address which will be automatically entered into Precision Tool Technologies’ newsletter data base to receive future news and events.

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Eschenbach Intros Economical 8X Binocular

Top Line: Eschenbach is introducing a new, economical 8x binocular called the X-Vision.
Close Up: Compact and lightweight, this new binocular features a sleek glossy white color that makes it stand out from ordinary gray or black binoculars. Its multi-coated lenses, reverse Porro prisms, semi-internal focus and diopter adjustment work together to provide a nice, crisp image. The X-Vision is ideal for all types of patients, from those with low vision to those who aren’t—just about anyone who would benefit from seeing an enlarged image when bird watching or at sporting events.
Vital Stats: A case with belt loop, wrist strap and cleaning cloth are included.; (800) 487-5389

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