Oakley Debuts Its First Goggle With Heads-Up Display

Oakley Airwave
Top Line: Oakley is introducing Airwave, a goggle designed for alpine sports enthusiasts that combines Oakley’s best goggle technologies with a heads-up display developed by Recon Instruments. Airwave integrates GPS, Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity and other features with a host of onboard sensors, the company said. The Airwave can be controlled with a wrist mounted device. An Oakley-designed app allows the wearer to locate and track friends that either have the Oakley Airwave goggle or the app on their smartphone.
The goggle will be available at select Apple retail locations and at This is the first time Oakley performance optics will be available through Apple retail channels, and Airwave is the exclusive goggle available at Apple. Airwave will also be sold at Oakley stores and as well as at, and select retail locations including a range of resort destinations.
Close Up: With Airwave, alpine sports enthusiasts can access a full range of information transmitted directly to the eye. Wearers can view jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime, pinpoint precise locations alongside navigational information, find their way around resorts and backcountry runs, and even locate and track others in their group.
Additional sensor information includes temperature, altitude, velocity and vertical descent data. The goggle can be paired with a smartphone, which allows immediate viewing of incoming calls and text messages, and music playlists on a Bluetooth-enabled device can be easily accessed and controlled.
Vital Stats: Other Oakley-specific features with Airwave:
• Goggles have Oakley Switchlock Technology that makes the process of lens changing quick and hassle-free, allowing the wearer to take advantage of the company’s wide array of premium performance lens tints that optimize vision for environmental conditions.
• The heads-up display is designed for an unobtrusive view, and semi-flush lens geometry ensures wide peripheral vision. F3 anti-fog technology is paired with a dual-vented lens design to help keep vision clear.
• Oakley Plutonite lens material filters out 100 percent of all UV, and Iridium lens coatings balance light transmission.
• Designed for a comfortable fit on medium to large faces, the chassis is made of durable yet lightweight O Matter that stays comfortably flexible.
• Oakley’s O-Flow Arch technology reduces nasal pressure to maximize airflow for free breathing.;

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M&S Technologies’ Smart System Provides Comparable Contrast Sensitivity Values to the Pelli-Robson Chart

M&S Technologies Smart System Contrast Sensitivity Testing Function
Top Line: M&S Technologies' Smart System Contrast Sensitivity Testing Function offers an easy-to-use, clinically-proven means to test contrast on clinic patients as well as for use in clinical trials and research and development projects.
Close Up: The Contrast Sensitivity Testing function provides comparable contrast sensitivity values to the Pelli-Robson chart, according to a recent study at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto. The computerized Smart System Contrast Sensitivity function provides accurate, reproducible and consistent results. The technology can be used in all clinical settings, from clinical trials and research and development to the day-to-day testing at an eye care practice, M&S said.
Vital Stats: Eye care professionals can experience many testing benefits with the Smart System: the ability to conduct contrast sensitivity tests with any of the seven optotypes available on the Smart System as well as complete optotype randomization so no two tests are the same. Additionally, all the tests can be operated with any of the M&S input devices, including the illuminated keypad, remote control and bi-directional tablet.; (847) 763-0500

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Younger Optics Releases NuPolar Lens App

NuPolar iPad app
Top Line: Younger Optics is releasing NuPolar, an educational iPad app that makes demonstrating polarized lenses interesting and exciting for eye care professionals and patients. ECPs now have a high-tech, free tool to engage patients in a discussion about the unique benefits of polarized Rx sunwear.
Close Up: The app includes brilliant images, computer graphics and narrated video to help the patient understand both polarized sunlight and polarized lenses.
The NuPolar iPad app is distributed exclusively through Apple’s online iTunes Store. iPad users may find the app in the iTunes Store by using “NuPolar” as a search term. The app is free to download and use.
Eyecare professionals and patients may use the NuPolar app to:
• See real-life situations in which NuPolar lenses improve vision by blocking glare
• See a video which explains how polarized light is created, and how NuPolar lenses block blinding glare
• Learn the history of polarized lens technology
• See the availability of NuPolar lens materials, and learn the benefits of each material
• See the availability of NuPolar lens colors for each style and material
• Learn what makes the NuPolar lens different from other polarized lenses on the market
• Learn about the advantages of NuPolar lenses’ unique film placement and construction
“Almost every patient is a good candidate for polarized Rx lenses,” says David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics, “but getting a patient to understand how polarized lenses help them see better can be complicated. This new NuPolar app can make that conversation easier and more engaging. And ECPs will enjoy having all that information at their fingertips.”
Vital Stats: ECPs who are using the iPad app in their practice are invited to send feedback to

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Kareo Releases iPhone App for Appointment Scheduling

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Kareo iPhone App
Top Line: Kareo, a provider of cloud-based practice management and medical billing software, has released a free iPhone app that enables optometrists and other medical professionals to keep track of their schedule.
Close Up: Designed as a companion to Kareo’s medical billing software, the Kareo iPhone App displays up-to-the minute appointments, showing all the patients on the clinic’s schedule and the reason for each visit. Medical professionals can also see important information like the patient’s status (scheduled, already in the office, or already seen), plus patient alerts, other valuable notes from office staff, and patient phone numbers, making it easy to stay informed.
Vital Stats: The free Kareo iPhone app can be downloaded today by visiting the App Store. Any medical practice using Kareo for appointment scheduling, included in the Complete or Max plans, can begin using the iPhone app immediately after downloading it by logging in with their Kareo username and password.

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