Zeiss Releases cinemizer OLED Multimedia Video Glasses

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Product: Zeiss cinemizer OLED
Top Line: The new cinemizer OLED multimedia video glasses from Carl Zeiss combines three-dimensional movie viewing with high image quality and stereo sound. Designed for gaming, immersive learning, CAD visualization, 2D and 3D viewfinder, First Person View (FPV), video and doctors and dentists, cinemizer OLED features high-contrast OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, low weight, individual diopter settings and maximum wearing comfort.
The cinemizer OLED is designed for mobile use. An integrated rechargeable battery provides power for up to six hours of viewing anywhere. For example, while on a flight, you can watch several movies from your iPhone on the cinemizer multimedia video glasses.
The cinemizer multimedia video glasses can be connected to an iPod/iPhone, smartphone with HDMI or analog A/V interface, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles such as PS3 or XBox, PCs & notebooks and other devices via an HDMI adapter, a video cable (yellow cinch) and the optional iPod/iPhone adapter.
Close Up: Eyeglass wearers can configure their prescription from -5 to +2 diopters in each eye via the setting wheel. OLED displays create crisp images with very vibrant colors, true black and thus very good contrast. Designed for low weight and optimal wearing comfort, the cinemizer OLED features a soft silicon nose pad that allows the glasses to sit comfortably on your nose. The two soft rubber ear clips guarantee comfortable fit, allowing you to use the cinemizer OLED for hours at a time. Various stereoscopic 3D formats are supported, such as side-by-side, top-bottom or line-interleaved such as Frame Packing via HDMI 1.4.
Vital Stats:
  • Two high-resolution OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays
  • Each with 870×500 pixels and a fill factor of 100 percent
  • Simulated image size: 40 inches (= 1 m) at a distance of 2 meters
  • Page ratio: 16:9
  • Color depth: 24-bit RGB
  • Field of View: 30 degrees
  • Side-by-side/Top-Bottom/Line interleaved
  • Frame Packing with HDMI (720p/1080p)
  • Each side individually adjustable from -5 to +2 diopters
  • The optics support a pupil distance (PD) of 59 to 69 mm
  • Added content: HDMI: 640x480p 60Hz, 720x576p 50Hz, 720x480p 60Hz, 1280x720p 50/60Hz, 1920x1080i 50/60Hz, 1920x1080p 50/60Hz, 1920x1080p 24Hz, HDMI 1.4 3D 1080p 24 Hz, HDMI 1.4 3D 720p 60Hz
  • iPod/iPhone: video-capable iPod and iPhone models via optional accessories

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Topcon Medical Launches New EMR Portal

Product: Topcon EMR Portal
Top Line: Topcon Medical Systems has launched its new EMR Portal, providing a single, online location for EMR vendors to download connectivity information for all of Topcon’s devices and software. The portal allows vendors to track the device and software systems they connect with, building on Topcon’s efforts for improved communication and connectivity with its EMR partners and mutual customers.
Close Up: The new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Portal will enable EMR software developers to quickly access the latest communication data and track the integration status for each device or software system. The portal provides information on the full range of Topcon’s precision instruments including:
  • Communication specifications for each device and software
  • Sample data for each of the devices
  • Interface documentation for various software platforms including simple command line interface specifications
  • DICOM Conformance Statements for Topcon’s capture and image management systems
  • HL7 specifications for the Synergy Image Management System
Vital Stats: Access to the portal is available here.

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Cinzia Designs Launches New Online Shop

Cinzia Designs new online retail shop
Top Line: Cinzia Designs, a division of Europa International, has overhauled its website. The site underwent a full-blown makeover to create a fresh approach to the eyewear and accessories brand.
Close Up: Debuting a completely redesigned look, the new site makes online shopping for readers and sunwear as easy as can be with new and improved features such as virtual eyewear consultations, new arrivals, easier navigation, larger images and much more. Along with the full range of readers and sunglasses, the new site prominently features Cinzia’s ever-expanding array of lifestyle accessories, from bags to scarves to jewelry. To celebrate the launch, Cinzia Designs is offering their retail customers a special promotion for all online purchases for a limited time.
Vital Stats: Wholesale accounts can use the newly redesigned website as a resource for product information, to see what’s new, browse the look books, and download product images and order forms.

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Phantom Research Intros New Automatic Lens Tinting Machine and Heating System

Phantom Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, Model 95 and Phantom Heating System, Model 2V.
Top Line: Phantom Research Laboratories is introducing a new tinting system consisting of the Phantom Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, Model 95 and Phantom Heating System, Model 2V.
Close Up: The Phantom Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, Model 95 is a state-of-the-art, microcomputer controlled, automatic lens tinting machine developed for both solid and gradient tinting with absolutely no lines. The freestanding machine takes seconds to set up, is easy to use and features virtually silent operation. The versatile arm can rotate 360 degrees, and can accommodate up to four pairs of lenses at one time. The machine features continuous agitation of the dye solution, offers a 30-second to 60-minute (one minute increments) digital timer, micro-controller with geared stepper motor for accuracy and an electronic beeper to indicate cycle completion. Package includes the Automatic Lens Tinting Machine, one lens holder (Model V1-RS), and a UL listed power adapter.
The Phantom Heating System, Model 2V consists of two stainless steel quart-sized tanks (vats), in black copolymer housing for minimum heat radiation and maximum thermal insulation. Designed to optimally heat optical lens tinting solutions and other similar materials. The standard two quart unit can hold up to 4 mini vats (optional). The system incorporates one 550 Watt stainless steel heating element, designed specifically for heating OptiSafe Heat Transfer Fluid without burning it. This is a common problem in many heating units. The system is also supplied complete with vats, lids and starter kit for professional lens tinting.; (800) 225-5589

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