Precision Vision Intros Berkeley Rudimentary Vision Test

Berkeley Rudimentary Vision Test (Cat. No. 4500)
Top Line: For visual acuity levels beyond the limit of the letter charts, the common practice is for clinicians to categorize vision according to whether the patient can count fingers (CF) or detect hand motion (HM), but there is no recognized or standard procedures for doing this. The Berkeley Rudimentary Vision Test (BRVT) was developed to enable efficient and easy measurement of visual acuity beyond the limits of the letter chart. It becomes necessary to make the test task simpler than the letter chart task and, in order to achieve very large angular sizes, very close viewing distances may be required.
Close Up: In the interests of simplicity and flexibility of use, the BRVT has three card-pairs. Each card-pair consists of two 25 cm square hinged cards so each card-pair has four target surfaces.
Vital Stats: The BRVT comes complete with recording forms and full instructions.
The price is $175.00

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NexTech is Issued Patent for iPad App

NexTech EMR iPad
Top Line: NexTech, a leader in specialty specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR), practice management, billing, and marketing software, has been issued U.S. patent numbers D670,716, D670,715, and D670,714 for its Native iPad EMR application designs by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. These patents protect the design of the iPad application from reproduction and use of products with a similar design.
Close Up: The NexTech EMR iPad application harnesses the power of an electronic chart combined with the design inspired by the paper chart, creating an unparalleled EMR experience. This unique design allows users to document patient visits the way they are accustomed, while allowing them to leverage the cutting-edge technology behind NexTech's EMR and Apple's iPad.
Features include:
  • Review all patient images
  • Track all pathology
  • Portability
  • Multi-detail
  • Access any of patient records from anywhere
  • 3D diagram on iPad
  • Review charts prior to walking into exam room
  • Ease of use
  • Take high resolution photos with iPad
  • See status and location of all patients once they are in the office
  • One-click signing on all notes
  • Patients can sign consents on the iPad

Vital Stats: NexTech Practice 2012 v10.1 is certified to support meaningful use.

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Santinelli International Introduces Value-Edge and Grip-Tight Finishing Products

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Value-Edge Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight Intermediate Film
Top Line: Santinelli International recently extended its consumables product line to now include all-new Value-Edge Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight Intermediate Film, two budget-friendly solutions designed to improve lens finishing quality.
Close Up: The Santinelli Value-Edge Blocking Pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination, designed to improve the edging performance of today’s coated and uncoated lenses. The foam material resists high rotational forces and prevents the pad from "wrinkling." The adhesive is formulated to bond to all hard coated, standard AR coated and many hydrophobic AR coated lenses, making it an excellent "all-around" pad. These blocking pads are available in several different sizes and shapes.
The Grip-Tight Intermediate Film is a product which was developed as an added security measure against slippage, giving the lens clamp a more secure “grip.” The intermediate film comes in both standard and high curve versions. The Grip-Tight High Curve film is thinner and more flexible, and adheres to high curve lenses with better "wet-out" results and without wrinkles. Grip-Tight will work well with any block size and shape.
Franco Aluigi, product manager for Santinelli International, said, "The Value-Edge Blocking Pads and The Grip-Tight Intermediate Film will be great cost-efficient additions to any lab, maintaining the quality of lens finishing results."

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Dynamic Labs Offers High Performance Marking Remover

The Eliminator
Top Line: Dynamic Labs of Ronkonkoma N.Y. has released The Eliminator, "the safest and easiest marking remover liquid ever created," according to the company.
Close Up: Dynamic Labs reports that The Eliminator removes all markings from any lens material that it tested, including polycarbonate, Trivex and standard plastic. The Eliminator has proven to work quicker and easier than anything presently available without leaving an oily residue, the company said. The product is the culmination of years of extensive research and testing designed to create a safe and effective way to remove progressive marking from lenses.
Vital Stats: The Eliminator is available in 16 oz. bottles for $39.95 each; $34.95 for four or more bottles, and $29.95 for eight or more bottles.

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