Quantum Innovations Offers Order-Specific, Flexible In-Line Coating System

Fusion‐M In‐Line Coating System
Top Line: In contrast to the ophthalmic industry's standard box coating/batch processing methodology, the Fusion‐M In‐Line Coating System (patent pending) from Quantum Innovations provides the flexibility of applying a process on one lens at a time.
Close Up: The Fusion-M's proprietary coating method allows the operator to apply AR on both sides of the lens, as an example, and then a different process (such as mirror on front and AR on back) on the next lens. A lab can process any coating request without the need to wait until enough orders have accumulated to fill a large batch. Orders to be completed more quickly and without the need to outsource orders to a third party, improving a lab's profitability and service to its customers.
Another unique feature of the Fusion‐M is its quick startup and shutdown times. Production can begin less than ten minutes after powering the machine on. Many box coaters require 30 to 45 minutes before being production ready. In addition to faster start times, the Fusion‐M is more efficient and requires less energy consumption, which may provide additional cost savings.
Vital Stats: Due to its small footprint (36"d x 40"w x 70"h), order‐specific in‐line production flexibility, and efficient power consumption, Fusion‐M creates opportunities for individual practices that did not exist previously.; (888) 268-3414

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Maui Jim Offers Polarized, Single Gradient Rx Sunlenses

MauiGradient lenses
Top Line: Maui Jim is releasing a polarized prescription single gradient sunglass lenses for single vision or progressive. Available from authorized Maui Jim optical retail accounts, the new prescription MauiGradient lenses use the company’s proprietary MauiPassport technologies that produce digitally-compensated free-form lenses that result in wider, clearer and more vivid views.
Close Up: MauiGradient lenses have a darker tinting at the top that gradually gets lighter moving down the lens. With this technology, an appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain areas, while less light comes through where protection is paramount.
Each lens has nine layers of patented PolarizedPlus2 technology to cut 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens and block 100 percent of harmful UV rays. The polarized protection covers the entire lens. Only Maui Jim lenses use three rare earth elements to significantly enhance colors seen through the lenses. Additionally, Maui Jim's nine layers of protection also include waterproof and oleophobic coatings and a Clearshell scratch-resistant treatment (on Maui Evolution, MauiPure and polycarbonate lenses).
All prescription MauiGradient lenses use Maui Evolution 1.60 lens material that is designed for active lifestyles. These lenses afford the benefits of SuperThin glass combined with the impact-resistant properties of polycarbonate lenses. There are four lens color options: Neutral Grey for bright, sunny days; HCL Bronze for variable light conditions; Maui HT, a high performance lens; and Maui Rose for fast moving sports. Customers are able to identify authentic Maui Jim lenses by logo in the upper right lens of their glasses.
Vital Stats: Maui Jim's single gradient lenses are available in most of the company's Rx-able styles that use the Maui Evolution lens, including one of the eyewear industry’s largest collections of aviator frames. New aviator styles include Hideaways, Mavericks, Baby Beach (pictured), Wiki Wiki and Cliff House.

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PatientCal Adds Online Calendar With Appointment Notes

PatientCal Online Appointment Notes
Top Line: PatientCal, business management software that is specifically designed for the healthcare industry, has released online appointment notes. Launching as an online appointment scheduler and catering to the healthcare industry with features such as automated patient retention, PatientCal takes a unique approach to appointment notes.
Close Up: With PatientCal, appointment notes are created through an online calendar, so glancing at a schedule provides quick access to a patient's profile and treatment notes. Additionally, images can easily be attached to each note for future reference.
"After our launch last year we dedicated our time to listening to areas of frustration for various sectors of healthcare. Through feedback from our customers, attending conferences, and connecting with industry associations we found that moving treatment notes from the filing cabinet to online was a priority for most practices," said PatientCal co-founder Michael Vesia.
PatientCal said its software is being quickly adopted by optical dispensaries and other small healthcare practices that may find that existing software packages aren’t realistically priced, and online schedulers alone aren’t enough to help run a business.
Vital Stats: PatientCal's online scheduling and online appointment notes are currently free to try at; (888) 580-0009

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Transitions Optical Unveils New Consumer Website to Serve as Guide to Family of Products

Transitions Optical's Consumer Site
Top Line: Transitions Optical is providing an enhanced user experience and more in-depth education on the Transitions family of products via its re-launched website.
Close Up: Applying insights gained through consumer feedback and tracking studies, the site features a detailed breakdown on each Transitions lens product, fresh imagery and greater usability, including a way for consumers to search for an eyecare professional who carries the lens brands that best fit their interests.
"The new site will make it easier for visitors to learn about our family of brands and help them understand which lens options may be right for their lifestyle," said Dan McLean, senior marketing manager, communications, Transitions Optical. "Based on consumer feedback we’ve improved navigation, added new demonstration features for our everyday and sunwear products, added new content to help consumer better understand the technology and upgraded our practice locator."
Sections on the various photochromic technologies employed by the family of products, and a feature that enables consumers to compare the products' benefits to choose which will best meet their needs, are designed to give consumers a more comprehensive digital experience before they arrive at their eyecare professional’s office.
To further promote the lens choices available to patients, in addition to providing contact information for the nearest Transitions lens dispensing practices, the new eyecare professional locator also details which of the Transitions lens products are carried at each location. More than 125,000—or one in six—visitors to the Transitions site searched for an eyecare professional in 2012, according to Transitions Optical.
Vital Stats: Other new features include answers to frequently asked questions, search functionality and the ability for consumers to share and read product reviews.

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