Augen Updates Easyform FF-V3 Free-Form Generator

Top Line: Designed to make free-form production easy, high-performance Augen EasyForm FF-V3 Digital Surfacing Generator has been updated by Augen Optics with extra-sturdy construction, providing maximum productivity through simplified operation, an intuitive easy-to-understand touch screen, and calibration-free tooling that eliminates unnecessary downtime. According to Augen Optics, EasyForm FF-V3 delivers consistently high quality output with exceptionally clear, smooth lens surfaces, and offers unsurpassed design precision with outstanding sub-micron surface quality based on NURBS technology. The unit is easy to load, unload and access, EasyForm FF-V3 processes free-form and conventional spheric and atoric surfaces, the company said.
Close Up: Features and benefits include:
  • Outstanding sub-micron surface quality based on NURBS technology.
  • Smooth, exact pivot oscillating movements ensure complete accuracy of curves to 1/100 of a diopter.
  • Robust diamond tools provide accuracy over 20D curves with no tool change.
  • Proprietary cutting geometry eradicates vibration and machine movement during cutting, eliminating the need for daily tool calibration and subsequent downtime.
  • Quiet, efficient unit fits any laboratory with compact 4-foot-square dimensions
  • Processes free-form (NURBS) and conventional spheric and atoric surfaces
  • Easy to load, unload and access, increasing general productivity.
  • Easy Touch Screen is simple to see and understand with large buttons and clear instructions
  • Easy-to-learn functionality; no need to increase staff with advanced technicians
  • Minimal waste. Lubricant recycled during processing for reduced lens waste, easy waste removal, and cleaner laboratory environment.
Vital Stats: Average throughput for conventional lenses: 30 jobs/hour; free-form surfaces (non-progressives): 16 jobs/hour; free-form surfaces (progressives): 12 jobs/hour. Lens materials: hard resin, Trivex, mid-index, MR10 1.67, polycarbonate, photochromic and polarized.; (866) 284-3611

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AIT Introduces Portable Measurement System

Top Line: visuReal is a portable measurement system combining a specialized optical system designed to mount on an iPad with a powerful software package that can determine all required centration values including PD, fitting heights, boxing dimensions, head rotation, inclination and vertex distance in seconds.
Close Up: The visuReal system takes the following measurements:
  • pupillary distance
  • vertex distance
  • fitting heights
  • boxing dimensions
  • head rotation
  • inclination
Vital Stats: The system takes photos and movies of customers with high prescriptions that cannot see themselves wearing trial lenses; uploads photos and videos to the cloud for viewing by friends and relatives; uses cloud computing to instantly compute measurements; can easily e-mail or store measurement data online.; (800) 729-1959

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Essilor Releases Versatile Auto-Kerato-Refractometer

AKR 700
Top Line: Essilor Instruments USA is expanding its product portfolio beyond edging and fitting solutions with the introduction of AKR 700, a state of the art auto-kerato-refractometer.
Close Up: The AKR 700 is a latest-generation auto-kerato-refractometer that provides high-quality measurements through its innovative ergonomic design and completely automatic operation. It gives users great freedom of movement with its swiveling touchscreen and easily fits into the smallest areas. Rotary prism technology delivers fast and reliable measurements of Rx power.
Vital Stats: The AKR 700 ensures a thorough evaluation of the cornea through central and peripheral keratometry.; (855) EZ-FINISH

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Dynamic Labs Debuts DynaGrip Xtreme Anti-Slip Disc

DynaGrip Xtreme Anti-Slip Disc
Top Line: Dynamic Labs now offers DynaGrip Xtreme, their newly designed Anti-Slip disc to prevent slipping and twisting on even the slickest AR coated lenses.
Close Up: An innovative design incorporates a state of the art film and adhesive that has not yet been used in optical. By combining these two materials, Dynamic has created a product that works on every lens and coating that they were able to find. This product is a must for any lab looking for an intermediary film to eliminate the problems associated with hydrophobic lenses.
Vital Stats: DynaGrip Xtreme anti-slip discs are available in an easy-to-use oval shape and come in rolls of 500 discs.; (888) 339-6264

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