WECO E.6 Edger and C.5 Automatic Blocker Make Powerful Combination

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WECO E.6 and C.5 from AIT Industries
Top Line: The WECO E.6 edger, distributed by AIT Industries, builds upon the speed and reliability of the Edge 680 by adding a new milling feature. When coupled with the C.5 Automatic Blocker it is able to process complex shapes that used to be impossible for a patternless edger. This allows the E.6 to be able to tackle the most challenging frames and the slickest coatings, according to AIT Industries.
The WECO C.5 automatic blocker has a new SD (Smart Design) feature that uses an optical tracing system utilizing Bezier curves to reproduce shapes with unprecedented accuracy. Coupled with automatic drill point recognition, the tracing and blocking process becomes easier than ever before.
Close Up: Key Features of the WECO E.6:
  • Integrated Milling with SD(Smart Design) Interface
  • Grinding wheel for beveling all materials
  • Automatic polishing of hard resin, high-index, Trivex and polycarbonate
  • Intuitive Touch-screen icon based interface
  • Automatic internal/external safety bevel
  • 10.5" Tiltable LCD Display
  • continuous 3D mapping
  • Bevel programs: automatic, program guided, manual and flat
  • Adjustable grooving angle 0-30°
  • Minibevel technology
  • Camera assisted blocking system with Auto Recognition
  • Integrated Drilling
  • Wrap Frame Processing
  • OMA Compliant
  • VCA Compliant
  • Superhydrophobic lens roughing process
  • Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Processing

Key Features of the WECO C.5:
  • Smart Design Shape Tracing and modification with Bezier Curves
  • Elimination of lensmeter means one less step in the lens preparation process
  • Camera assisted blocking
  • Automatic blocking
  • Automatic drill point recognition
  • Manual adjustment of drill points
  • Easily add or remove holes or slots
  • Modify hole diameter
  • Ability to add blind holes
  • Positioning accuracy within .05mm
  • Automatic recognition of progressive markings
  • Non-contact camera tracing of demo lenses and patterns
  • Shape modification: both vertical and horizontal boxing can be modified by the operator
  • Color Touchscreen LCD
  • User-friendly touch based interface
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Automatic calibration

Vital Stats: CE compliant (E.6); compliant with the VCA/OMA communication standard, UL Approved (C.5); (800) 729-1959

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Satisloh Debuts New Coolant Management System

Microseparator HC6
Top Line: Satisloh’s new Microseparator HC6 is a coolant management system for up to six generators used in today’s mass manufacturing environments.
Close Up: The Microseparator HC6 is constructed so every major component has a redundant back-up for uninterrupted processing during maintenance. The HC6 maximizes your bottom line with automation that streamlines labor needs and reduces chemical consumable usage by conserving and reusing them. It also maximizes the productivity and availability of your generators.
Other key benefits:
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Removes coolant tanks and debris from production area
  • Conserves resources: power, air, and water
  • Minimizes liquid and solids waste streams
  • Graphical touch-screen operator interface; (800) 866-5640

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Menicon America Announces Upgrade of CAPTIV8

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Top Line: Menicon America, the exclusive North American distributor for Optimed’s suite of patient education and communication software, is releasing a significant upgrade of CAPTIV8, the all-in-one 3D animation software developed for chair-side consultation, waiting room edutainment, and online communication with patients. New release offers enhanced ease of use and functionality, Menicon said.
Close Up: Highlights include:
  • Easier Navigation: Icons have been added for Sharing and Languages to improve the user interface resulting in less 'taps' to get to the end objective. Also, improvements to the Dynamic Toolbar make it easier to click and activate.
  • Personalized Presentation Feature: Practitioners can now save time and build a playlist of animations right into their chair side consultation. Patients can view a sequence of related animations.
  • CAPTIV8 App: CAPTIV8 is the only program of its kind with full functionality on the iPad. Version 3.2.1, which is iOS 6 compliant, is now available on the App Store. It has numerous fixes and makes the process of installation simple and intuitive.

"These enhancements are driven by customer feedback," said David Moreira, Menicon’s vice president of marketing. "Since introducing this technology, Optimed’s development team has led the way in advances that fit with how today’s eyecare practitioners educate and communicate to their patients.
"CAPTIV8 is a significantly better way for practitioners to educate, communicate, and engage with patients," commented Moreira. "This unique technology helps differentiate the practice and works to grow referrals and profitability."; (800) 636-4266

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Better Vision App Magnifies and Reads Text Out Loud

Better Vision app
Top Line: To support visually impaired and dyslexic people in their efforts to read, The Vision Force, an organization whose aim is to develop innovative solutions to simplify the of lives of dyslectic and poor sighted people and to improve the quality of sight in everyday life, has developed the Better Vision app. The functional and handy all-in-one app magnifies text and reads English, German, Spanish or Dutch text out loud on iPhones, iPads (mini) and Android devices. The app can also light up text and increase contrast; useful for reading the paper, a menu, street names, and bus numbers or for recognizing items in the supermarket. The "Better Vision" app can also be used to help those who need reading glasses.
Close Up: App replaces reading support aids. Due to functions such as magnifying, reading out loud, lighting up and enhancing contrast, the app can replace electronic or optically magnifying aids such as screen, telescope or handheld magnifiers and magnifying glasses. Aids that, in many countries, represent a purchase price of between 25 and 1200 euros (depending on the circumstances per country).
Properties of the Better Vision app:
  • Between two to 10 times magnification of the image
  • Reading lamp (if the iPhone 4, iPad3 or Android 2.2 has a light function)
  • Reading out loud of English, German, Spanish or Dutch text
  • Contrast enhancing color filters: choice of six different colors (positive/negative contrast)
Vital Stats: The app can be purchased for €5,45 euro/$5.99 and is suitable for iOS 5+ (specifically for iPad 3 and iPhone 4 and newer models). The app is also suitable for Android 2.2 (phones and tablets) and newer versions. The functionalities described above only work if the device has a camera function. Download the app now in iTunes or in Google Play.; 0031 (0)6 456 32 117

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