Quantum Innovations Offers Stainless Steel Bell Jar Upgrade for Zeiss B12 Coater

Stainless steel bell jar upgrade for Zeiss B12 coater
Top Line: For labs running a Zeiss B12 AR coater, there are many challenges surrounding the bell jar. Over time, the visibility through the once clear bell jar becomes diminished, or worse, the jar itself can become cracked or broken.
In response to these issues, Quantum Innovations has developed a stainless steel bell jar upgrade that solves many of the most common problems facing B12 owners/operators such as fragility, visibility, safety and difficulty repairing the unit.
Close Up: Key features of Quantum’s stainless steel bell jar:
• Manufactured with materials that are readily available for a significant cost savings.
• The shields inside the stainless steel bell jar can be removed and bead blasted just like other items in the lab. This eliminates the need to use a dangerous acid wash.
• The two view ports are easily cleaned or replaced as visibility becomes diminished, by usage and treatment, providing better control of your AR process.
• The stainless steel bell jar can be easily repaired, even by some local machine shops, creating a significant savings in cost and time.; (888) 214-7932

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New Education Course and Videos from Transitions Optical Feature Multicultural Best Practices for the Optical Industry

Transitions Optical Multicultural Education Course and Videos
Top Line: To help eyecare professionals feel better prepared to meet the needs of their culturally diverse patients and develop or enhance their own multicultural strategies, Transitions Optical has introduced a new education course and videos highlighting multicultural best practices from eyecare professionals who have experienced success and growth with a diverse patient base. Called Multicultural Best Practices  and available free of charge at, the course provides strategies for reaching diverse consumers and promoting cultural competency.
Close Up: The course includes case studies and insights from members of Transitions Optical’s Diversity Advisory Board, as well as winners and finalists for the Transitions Academy Awards program. Featured eyecare professionals include optometrist Kirk Smick, who uses Transitions Optical’s What to Expect: Diagnosis Guide to enhance communication with Spanish- speaking patients during an eye disease diagnosis; ophthalmologist Vincent Young, who is a firm believer of getting involved locally by providing vision screenings and outreach through community hubs such as churches and health fairs; and many more. The course is supplemented by a series of short, best practice videos, which are also available through
“While many eyecare professionals already have strategies in place to better serve their culturally diverse patients, others continue to feel overwhelmed by the concept of cultural competency and aren’t sure where to begin,” said Manuel Solis, multicultural marketing manager, Transitions Optical. “We hope that the course and educational videos will help ease the process for eyecare professionals – whether they’re starting from scratch, or simply want to enhance their existing efforts to improve cultural competency within their practices.”
Vital Stats: Eyecare professionals can download a copy of the education course free of charge within the “My Practice” section of A series of best practice video clips are also available through the “Educational Videos” section of

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Siempre Verde Launches New Site Featuring Virtual Try-on

Siempre Verde’s New Web Site With Virtual Try-on
Top Line: Siempre Verde, an all wood eyewear fashion line, has launched a new website with a virtual try-on feature.
Close Up: Using a web cam or uploading an image, in just one click visitors to can try on the entire new all wood eyewear line, the Madera Collection. In addition, visitors can get some feedback before purchasing, with an easy share button to Facebook. Software is user friendly and intuitive, and gives visitors a unique buying experience. The website boasts a modern, clean design with seamless navigation. “The goal is to help consumers do more than just imagine how a pair of glasses will look on them, they can try them all on,” the company said.
Vital Stats: In addition to the virtual try-on feature, the new website is complete with enhanced features such as an improved retail platform, single page product descriptions, multiple images and access to all social media platforms.; (855) 743-6773

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Salem’s Reveal Lens Protection Tapes Offer Advanced Visual Clarity

Reveal Tape
Top Line: Salem Vision Group introduces Reveal, a line of lens protection tapes designed for use with alloy or wax blocking systems on all types of lens materials.
Close Up: Reveal Tape conforms to all base curves without releasing at the edges and securely adheres to both the lens and the blocking medium yet easily de-blocks after use. Reveal’s signature feature is an advanced visual clarity for fast, accurate alignment that virtually eliminates off-axis rejects.
Vital Stats: Reveal Tape is available in blue, green and clear as well as with and without a liner.; (800) 234-1982

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