Enhanced Vision Intros the Acrobat HD, a Flexible High Definition Magnifier

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Acrobat HD
Top Line: For the last five years, Enhanced Vision’s Acrobat CCTV has been a mainstay in classrooms, offices, and homes, providing visually impaired individuals with effective up close and distance magnification. The company’s new Acrobat HD offers extraordinarily sharp high definition images while retaining the same features and compact flexibility as its predecessor.
Close Up: The standard definition Acrobat has a 480i camera, similar to many CCTVs on the market, but the Acrobat HD delivers HD 720p. The sharp, vibrant images eliminate blurry letters. True color representation and better text readability offer the user a more enjoyable reading experience. With high definition being the new standard for desktop magnifiers, the Acrobat HD delivers industrial grade visuals capable of picking up minute details.
The Acrobat’s Sony HD camera eliminates the glare and distortion that would degrade an image with increased magnification, allowing the user to zoom all the way in without a loss in quality. Conversely, the users can adjust the magnification on a busy picture and discover details that were invisible to the naked eye.
The large 27” screen holds a clear, sharp image even at magnification levels up to 90x. A large field of view easily fits the entire six-column width of a large newspaper; users no longer have to keep moving the paper or book around, making the experience effortless and relaxing. This is the first time Enhanced Vision has offered a 27” flat screen CCTV, providing low vision users with a viewing area capable of fitting large or even multiple documents.
Vital Stats: The Acrobat HD is available in long or short arm options, offering flexibility for almost any situation or environment. The Sony HD auto focus 3-in-1 camera can be moved around for up close or distance viewing, making this an ideal low vision solution for schools and offices. Carrying cases are available for the 22” and 24” Acrobat HD.; (888) 811-3161

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CooperVision Facebook Biofinity Image Capsule Educates ECPs and Patients

Biofinity Facebook Image Capsule page app
Top Line: A new Biofinity Facebook Image Capsule page app enables ECPs to learn more and to also educate their patients about CooperVision’s Biofinity family of contact lenses, which bring together a high level of water content and oxygen transmissibility due to Aquaform Technology.
Close Up: With a click of the mouse, ODs visiting CooperVision’s Biofinity Image Capsule will be able to take a tour of how contact lenses are made, see fast facts about the contact lens market in an infographic, and watch a short graphic video about Biofinity.
Vital Stats: A word cloud displays what fellow ODs and patients are saying about Biofinity online. The word cloud is pulled from actual patient and ECP testimonials.

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Coburn Technologies Launches New Company Website

Top Line: Coburn Technologies has launched a new company website including lens processing equipment and consumables, the new line of ophthalmic equipment and better integration with its new online store at
Close Up: Coburn has remodeled its website to better segment its growing line of equipment solutions, including their recent addition of several refraction and diagnostic systems, to provide visitors with an easier way to find the product most appropriate to their eye care field. Originally focused more towards wholesale lens processing, the site now gives equal presentation to ophthalmic care, lens processing, consumables shopping and service.
Key features:
  • Complete webpages and brochures for Coburn’s new diagnostic line of equipment
  • Better integration with Coburn’s supplies and parts catalog of over 6,000 products
  • Dedicated sections for lens processing and ophthalmic care
  • More comprehensive company contact directory
  • Faster and more intuitive navigation from section to section
  • Same familiar look and feel
“Coburn has always prided itself as being a complete provider of equipment, parts and service for the ophthalmic industry,” Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies stated. “Whether it’s consumables and supplies, eco-friendly lens processing, or most recently refraction and diagnostic needs; we believe this new website will allow customers to more easily find the right solutions and tools for their business or practice.”
Vital Stats: Visitors can browse the entire online catalog of products and solutions at any time and download product brochures and information. For special offers or additional information, Coburn encourages visitors to utilize the website’s convenient online forms or simply call (800-COBURN-

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Arotek International Intros Low Viscosity Hard Coating

Top Line: Arotek International is introducing HCoating, a new hard coat that was developed with novel chemical substances. The new hard coat has very little viscosity increase over time while maintaining all other features. HCoating adjusts and stabilizes coating viscosity by altering intra-molecular structures, a significant technological advancement since the birth of solvent-free, inter-molecularly blended hard coating.
Close Up: HCoating abrasion-resistant coatings for polymeric and other substrates are based on Arotek's proprietary IMA (Intra-Molecular Altering) technology. The coating compositions are comprised of several new synthetic substances developed and fully characterized by Arotek, which were also identified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and approved by the Environment Protection Agency of U.S. Government (EPA). Because of the unique ingredients, HCoating series products have outperformed competitions in all aspects of ophthalmic lens applications: super hardness, excellent adhesion, fast tinting, no solvent, stable viscosity, and at least 10 percent lower pricing.
Vital Stats: HCoating is a UV-curable hard coat, much more scratch-resistant than most UV coatings commercially available. HCoating-SH, Pencil Hardness 8H, has the Bayer Ratio 4.5 after AR coating, almost as hard as thermally cured coatings. It can be cured under UV light in seconds. Once cured, HCoating-HC, MT, and SH are the only coatings that adhere to all kinds of lenses including Polycarbonate, CR-39, Trivex, Mid Index, and High Index lenses. It brings super hydrophobicity to the surface of the lens, protecting the lens from contamination. It is crystal clear and tints to a true color in about 15 minutes (HCoating-MT, HC). Coating quality was validated by COLTS Laboratories. HCoating is compatible not only with conventional vacuum AR (anti-reflective, anti-reflection) coatings, but also with novel sol-gel based AR coating. HCoating has the ingredients of stable viscosity, and is solvent-free, so that its viscosity will not change much during long-term applications (six months and beyond). HCoating is welcomed by optical labs worldwide, because it is environment- and user-friendly. It is applicable in existing lens coating machines (spin coaters), and is also miscible and co-curable with other non-volatile (NV) UV- coatings. No operational change is required for switching to HCoating. Click to watch a demo of HCoating in operation.; (562) 303-3772

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