Coburn Technologies Intros Versatile Digital HD Chart

Product: Digital HD Chart with Polarized Filter (Model #: HDC-9000N/PF)
Top Line: The Huvitz HDC-9000N/PF from Coburn Technologies provides a variety of charts and vision test procedures. The unit provides the most accurate prescription with a high resolution, 24-inch color TFT-LCD with polarized panel for more precise visual acuity testing. It features a user-friendly menu structure with a comprehensive test range and selectable working distance. More than 100 different charts are available to support all types of standard tests including Letter, Number, Landolt C, Snellen E, Children chart as well as Polarized and Functional charts including Binocular Vision Test, Stereoscopic Vision Test, Heterophoria/Heterotropia Test, Fusion and Suppression Test, Aniseikonia Test and more.
Close Up: Among the many tests offered on the Digital HD Chart are:
  • Standard Visual Acuity Charts—More than 100 various charts for the HDC-9000N/PF support all manner of tests for the visual acuity and visual function. Standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, Landolt C, Snellen E, Children chart and other specialty charts as well.
  • Polarized Charts and Functional Charts—Provides a variety of polarized charts that can be applied to many types of tests using the Cross Cylinder, Red/Green, Polarization and other special lenses such as the Binocular Vision Test, Stereoscopic Vision Test, Heterophoria / Heterotropia Test, Binocular Balance Test, Fusion and Suppression Test, Aniseikonia Test and more.
  • Standardized ETDRS—Offers the ETDRS acuity at various test distances and a wide variety of ETDRS LogMAR tests are also available. (ETDRS acuity testing has become the worldwide standard for visual acuity testing replacing the Snellen and Sloan acuity tests.)
  • Color Vision and Hue Test—Presents 12 charts for testing Color Blindness and nine charts for classifying the level of visual inability and supports the professional test consisting of 85 color charts diversified by wavelength and the simple test of 15 color charts.
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test—Measures contrast sensitivity at various levels using letter charts and the bar. The results of tests are analyzed and displayed providing the patient with more details and a professional and analytical diagnosis.

Vital Stats: Contact Coburn Technologies for a complete list of available tests.
www.coburntechnologies.com ; (800) 262-8761

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Medflow and VisionWeb Integrate Spectacle Lens Ordering Process

Integrated Spectacle Lens Ordering Process
Top Line: VisionWeb and Medflow are launching an integration that will enable users of Medflow Optical to order spectacle lenses from laboratories on the VisionWeb supplier network from within the Medflow Optical system. Ordering through the integration streamlines the ordering process by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
Close Up: Medflow Optical users will benefit from heightened accuracy, the convenience of online ordering, and the ability to track the status of orders at any time, from within the environment of Medflow Optical. The orders they place through VisionWeb using the integration are received by the lab sooner and are automatically put into process, providing the practice with improved turnaround time on the jobs.
Vital Stats: Practices using the Medflow Optical software system can visit this link to learn more. Medflow is listed on the VisionWeb site, where visitors can learn more about the features and benefits of ordering through a VisionWeb integration, and more about the details of the integrations.

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Essilor Instruments USA Unveils New Web Store and Redesigned Website

New Web Store and Redesigned Website
Top Line: Essilor Instruments USA is expanding its online presence with a newly designed company website and new Web store.
Close Up: The redesigned company website features product pages for learning about new and current items, including edgers, tracers, blockers, services, and optometric and centration equipment. Readers can review products and watch videos to learn even more about Essilor Instruments USA equipment offerings. “Our primary goal is to have a site that’s easy to navigate and lets users quickly find what they need,” said Robin Rhodes, director of sales.

For the first time, customers can now purchase Essilor Instruments USA consumables, accessories, and small equipment online at

“We hope people enjoy browsing both of our new sites and that they find more options and information each time they visit. We want our expanded online presence to be useful tools ECPs can use to streamline their business,” said Rhodes.

Vital Stats: To celebrate the virtual grand opening, the company is providing a 10 percent discount for client’s first online purchase by simply entering “10 percent off” in the coupon code box.
www.essilorinstrumentsusa.com; store.essilorinstrumentsusa.com; (855) EZ-FINISH

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Satisloh's New High-Speed Soft Tool Polishing Process

Premium Flex-XL Polishing Process
Top Line: Satisloh has designed a new process to help labs reduce polishing costs. Their Premium-Flex XL process is the next generation of high-speed soft tool polishing that more than doubles the tool’s life.
Close Up: The new polishing process provides a significantly wider process window and requires less training and operator intervention. It utilizes new material technology for both the carrier and conforming foam. When used with the Poly-Pro All-Format Polish, it produces exceptional surface quality, Satisloh reports. These new materials improve surface uniformity and design conformity.
Vital Stats: Premium-Flex EX provides consistent results for the lowest cost per surface and substantially extends overall cap life.
www.satisloh.com; (800) 866-5640

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