Mei System Introduces 'The Shape Finder'

The Shape Finder
Top Line: The Shape Finder is an optical scanning device designed to be integrated in the Mei Tecnocam programming platform. The device enables operators to avoid typical errors produced by standard camera-based units.
Close Up: The camera lens set and the lighting system have been designed to emphasize the edge profile, to eliminate the perspective effects and field distortion.
The Tecnocam software interacts directly with The Shape Finder interface to align the lens and extract the different shapes starting from the outer main shape and converting them in a standard TRX file.
Key features:
  • Detection of any kind of edge on any kind of lens, clear, dark mirrored, without the need of pencil to highlight the edge.
  • Detection of step-back profile while marked with pencil.
  • Detection of notches and automatic generation of the different edging shape considering the tool diameter.
  • File export in DXF/OMA/TRX format.
Vital Stats: The Shape Finder can significantly reduce the time needed to import a sport lens shape, as well as to detect the holes in rimless demo lens. The camera system creates a TRX or OMA file with a few simple steps, eliminating the need of edging test and size and shape adjustments. Through the optically engineered lens set, The Shape Finder provides high resolution images for the optimized Mei Software detection system. By combining state-of-the-art optics and sub-pixel images detection techniques, The Shape Finder can get precisely defined shapes ready to be used into the Tecnocam programming environment.; (847) 357-0323

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OptiSource Releases Slit Lamp Smartphone Adapter

Slit Lamp Smartphone Adapter
Top Line: OptiSource International has developed a universal camera-phone adapter for all conventional slit lamps.
Close Up: Instead of having to purchase expensive equipment to produce high-quality photographs of the anterior segment, the user can now attach an adapter to the slit lamp and obtain high resolution images using their smartphones. The adapter is an inexpensive solution that allows eyecare professionals to use their mobile device to upload, store and share their slit lamp clinical findings with other professionals.
“With the universal improvement in smartphone cameras it was time to release this highly sought after device,” said Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “The universal fit and function makes it easy to attach and insert/remove any smartphone in just seconds.”
Vital Stats: The following elements are needed to take slit lamp images with a smartphone:
  • A camera with 5 megapixels or more
  • Optimal illumination
  • The Slit Lamp Smartphone Adapter by OptiSource; (800) 678-4768

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Optical Lab Software Solutions Debuts Cloud-based LMS

Top Line: Optical Lab Software Solutions, Inc. (OLSS) is releasing Optuitive, a cloud-based lab management software (LMS) with an exclusive Smart User Experience designed for maximum usability and performance.
Close Up: Optuitive is the first LMS to be offered as a true HIPPA compliant software service in the cloud. Recognized as a technology innovation in the 2013 U.S InformationWeek Top 500 List, Optuitive is easily accessible using a web browser and virtually any device, including smart phones and tablets. Optuitive provides a secure high-performance cloud-based infrastructure that delivers maximum efficiency, up and out scalability, and long term reliability. “We’ve made a considerable investment in upgrading our software architecture and developing Optuitive for the cloud,” said Steve Morris, President, OLSS. “By leveraging our hosted solution for centralized support, maintenance, and upgrades, our customers will be able to reduce their infrastructure costs and focus more time on what labs do best—make lenses.”
Optuitive provides the sophisticated Smart User Experience that empowers labs with a user interface fully optimized in function, features, flow, content, and visual appearance. Operators can perform all customer-related queries quickly and efficiently in real time from one screen impressively equipped with memory type-aheads, interactive screen widgets, and job status alerts keeping important information at their fingertips. “We leveraged all the familiar software usability concepts of popular internet apps and smartphones, along with input from our advisor board, and created an efficient and intuitive user interface that we believe is superior to the competition,” explained Morris.
Vital Stats: Optuitive scales easily from small to large labs in retail and wholesale environments and can manage single and multi-site locations. Lab managers, customer service teams, and system admins can view, edit, manage, and report activities in a single lab or network of labs, in real time from any remote location.
Optuitive is fully internationalized with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multicultural capabilities and is able to support labs and users throughout the world adapting the user interface to support the regions local language, cultural conventions, and currency notations.; e-mail; (336) 707-7542

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DAC Vision Intros Digitall Advanced Polish for Digital Surfacing

Top Line: DAC Vision is introducing Digitall, a precision engineered advanced polish that delivers exceptional removal and finish for all lens materials on all digital and traditional equipment platforms.
Close Up: Digitall provides excellent clarity, less haze and improved surfaces for superb AR coating results, according to DAC Vision. Its robust formula provides Baumé stability and excellent polish life.
Vital Stats: Digitall is easy to mix, stays in suspension and cleans easily off all lens substrates and equipment. It is available in one gallon and five gallon pails.; (800) 800-1550

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