Practical System, Inc. Introduces Central Slurry System

915 Central Slurry System
Top Line: The new 915 Central Slurry System from Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) has a 23-gallon capacity and is designed to consolidate slurry for digital processing. It reduces the number of chillers and slurry tanks needed by half.  Designed with two pumps and a two-filter system, it handles high volumes of polish. When used with a PSI 985 chiller, it will maintain polish at the optimum temperature for superior lens surface quality
Close Up: The 915 comes with two pumps that maintain a flow rate of 56 gallons/minute each. It includes two 300-micron filters to remove contaminants from the polishing compound to extend polish life. Like all other PSI Central Slurry Systems, the 915 offers a drain valve and cooling coil quick disconnects to facilitate emptying and cleaning of the unit as well as an easy to read temperature gauge for monitoring the slurry. The cone-shaped reservoir and polish bypass with agitator keep polish constantly mixed and allow for tighter control of the polish Baumé and temperature. Durable stainless housing, slurry tank and chilling coils keep slurry cooler without transmitting chill to floor and ambient air.
Vital Stats: The 915 is one of three Central Slurry Systems offered by PSI for digital and conventional lens polishers, the 913 has an 11 gallon tank and the 911 is used in smaller labs with a 5 gallon capacity.; (800) 237-8154

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AIT Debuts Volk Pictor Portable Retinal Imaging System

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Volk Pictor Portable Retinal Imaging System
Top Line: AIT Industries has become a distributor of Pictor, a portable retinal imaging system manufactured by Volk.
Close Up: Pictor is a hand-held digital imaging system designed to take retinal images in infra-red or white light as well as anterior segment photos of the eye. Pictor can take images in situations that demand mobility such as off-site clinics, pediatrics, hospitals, or wheel-chair bound patients, but also can serve as an in-office solution.
Pictor produces high resolution images and video that are compatible with nearly all imaging software. It also is adaptable to any EMR that allows JPEG images to be attached to medical records. Its anterior segment module provides both white light imaging and cobalt blue LED’s for fluorescent imaging. Its retinal imaging module provides a wide 45 degree field of view of the fundus. The unit is priced thousands of dollars less than a traditional fundus camera, according to AIT.
Vital Stats: Pictor is lightweight and compact: weighing at just one pound. All of its accessories and the device fit inside a travel briefcase that comes included with the system.; (800) 729-1959

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Coburn Technologies Introduces Versatile Chart Projector

Product: Chart Projector (Model #: HCP-7000)
Top Line: The Huvitz Chart Projector (#HCP-7000), distributed by Coburn Technologies, is a powerful visual acuity system that supports a variety of charts.
Close Up:
  • 41 charts 34 masks, red/green and polarization filters
  • Semi-permanent lifetime LED light source
  • Brighter and clearer than conventional bulb light
  • Streamlined shape and blue indicator
  • Projection distance = 2.5 ~ 8m
  • Projection magnification = 30x at 5m
Vital Stats:
  • Power saving automatic switch off (10 min)
  • Program two programs with a maximum of 30 charts each
  • Tilt angle: 15
  • Power supply 100-120V 50Hz : 0.6A, 200-240V 60Hz : 0.3A
  • Lamp LED 4W
  • Dimensions: 270(W) x 182(D) x 230(H) mm
  • Weight: 3.44kg; (800) 262-8761

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Eschenbach Adds 24D LED Hand-Held Magnifier to Mobilux Line

24D LED Hand-held Magnifier
Top Line: Eschenbach is expanding its popular line of Mobilux LED hand-held magnifiers with the addition of a 24 Diopter option that fills the gap between the 20D and 28D powers in the group.
Close Up: Like the other Mobilux magnifiers, the 24D version features a lens that has a patented cera-tec coating which makes the lens nearly glass hard and resists scratching by up to 50 percent. The magnifier uses a bright, SMD LED for illumination, the color of which can be changed by snapping on either a yellow or orange filter over the light, thereby reducing glare and increasing viewing comfort as needed.
The Mobilux also uses a special step-up converter that regulates the power sent to the LED ensuring that there is consistent illumination provided over time—and doing so with an efficiency level of 80 percent.
Vital Stats: A protective lens cover and two AA batteries are included. Mobilux is covered by a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defect.; (800) 487-5389

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